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Using a large format UHD TV as a computer monitor ?

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    Originally posted by yasockie View Post
    At the moment I am still using a setup using 3 screen at a standard FullHD 1920x1080 resolution, tiled horizontally.
    It's a bit low vertically (i.e. you may need to scroll sometimes) but it fits your field of view pretty well - i.e. fairly wide angle.
    With a big 4k TV, you're basically arranging 4 FHD panels in a 2x2 pattern.
    It might be interesting, but what bothers me with this setup is that there is no 'middle'/'centre' - you could probably arrange it into smaller windows, or one larger window in the centre and smaller toolbars/sidebars around the central area, but not sure how well that works.
    That is the reason I previously mentioned the LG screen - it is a bit wider so you can more comfortably arrange items side by side, but I guess anything in 4k is a bit experimental at the moment and you are the beta tester.
    Crikey! That's a lot of invoices and expenses you must be doing at once!

    Sez me, with a 27" Retina iMac for same....