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  • persig
    started a topic which date of expense to choose?

    which date of expense to choose?

    I have a following question:
    The UK company, using FreeAgent. Usually we pay to subcontactors late (sometimes for a month). In this case, is it better 1. to create an expense with a date of bank transaction, attaching invoice OR 2. when we receive the invoice, to create bill ---so the date of...
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  • Starting a contract before the VAT registration is complete.

    Hi, Crunch (accounting) have applied for my VAT registration for my newly created company but there was a mistake and hence HMRC requires more evidence/documents for the verification process. I have all of those and have already provided them to Crunch which in turn will update my application. Based...
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  • StefPrivate
    started a topic Freelancer Payment Terms??

    Freelancer Payment Terms??

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to get into freelancing and I wanted to know what payment terms (when you get paid) people have experienced. I have heard of top tier companies making you wait up to 3 months, which is frustrating! What have people seen? And how do you manage cash flow?

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  • Rodz
    started a topic Vat only invoice

    Vat only invoice

    Hi I am doing some work for a company and they have asked me could I send a separate invoice for the VAT a month later. My Ltd company is VAT registered, does anybody know why this would be and if it is even legal?

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  • ajheywood
    started a topic Gone over VAT threshold

    Gone over VAT threshold

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some advice, I've been on a self-billing contract for a while and not been keeping a close eye on my company turnover and I think now that I have gone over the VAT threshold sometime in Jan/Feb 2016. I'm looking at the HMRC website to register for VAT and it is...
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  • 7656
    started a topic Agency Payment terms

    Agency Payment terms

    I have secured my first contact and have been advised by the agency the following with regards to the payment terms:
    - Getting a client to sign my timesheets weekly
    - Client provides the agency with monthly authorized report
    - Me invoicing agency at the end of each month
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  • Expense paid by direct debit - what date for expense?

    I've made a bit of an error - I purchased some business insurance from QDOS but chose to pay via direct debit (I'm not sure why in hindsight - I was just starting out).

    I'm paying for it out of my personal account and wish to claim this expense from my limited. I have received an invoice...
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  • is there any database about the agency invoice and remittance - Time Frames

    Hi all, I have been in the contract for 2 years now and it looks good to me with the market moving forward...I have been working with different agencies and their invoice system and remittance time frames are different. I want to see if there are any database I can refer to or I can start one from here.......
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    Last edited by samay007; 19 June 2014, 10:19.

  • Send wrong amount in invoices for a few months.

    Hello all,

    I hope someone can help me as I have an issue that even is entirely my fault I believe that I should be legally covered.

    I was working with a client for 3 months, then they raised up my day rate for the next 7 months. The problem was that I totally forgot to...
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    Last edited by rvarela; 6 June 2014, 10:15. Reason: issue solved

  • dack
    started a topic Unpaid Invoices - But Rather Complicated

    Unpaid Invoices - But Rather Complicated

    In 2009 my Agency went into liquidation and I lost some 11 weeks of money (as did several others). The writing was on the wall so I had not submitted invoices for some 6 weeks.

    The agency was finally declared dissolved mid 2013 and so in Sep 2013, I sent my unpaid invoices directly to...
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  • EU contractor in UK - taxes, legal, etc.

    this question has been asked many times probably, but I can't find clear & simple answer...

    I'm a IT contractor and I have a legal company registered in one of EU countries. It's a self-employment. I worked for few companies in EU. It was alway simple to charge them - just...
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  • Unpaid Invoices through Umbrella Company


    I've been reading posts on here for a while to get tips and advice etc.. I'm pretty new to contracting.

    Anyway, I'm having a problem with a previous contract. The contract was sourced directly (word of mouth) but everything is being handled by an umbrella company....
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