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Freaky House Phone

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    Originally posted by Cooperinliverp00l
    anyone sad enough to post their pic of GF on a forum to many thousand of people is very sad and obviously hasn't got one in the first place.

    I'm a hacker and have already had a look on your machine to see what real pics you have. p.s update your firewall
    you must be all of 16 years old - get back to your chat room and pull the I'm hacking your Pc on them kids


      Originally posted by Addanc
      Don't ever ever buy BT labelled goods because its crap (personal experience).
      I'll second that.

      Remember when they first started selling rather than renting phones?

      All those phones were pulse dial, when most places already had digital exchanges.
      Behold the warranty -- the bold print giveth and the fine print taketh away.


        Originally posted by Ivor1
        PM'd u

        I will put your comments about hacking my PC down to naivety on your behalf; I didn’t find it funny at all though.

        Other old (now banned) users of this site have also claimed to have hacked other users PC and accounts and were pretty sinister about it, so pardon my mate Ivor for thinking you were another one of them.

        Claiming to have hacked a fellow CUK users PC is best avoided, unless it truely is within the context of a joke !