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    Originally posted by Paralytic View Post
    The question to ask is: will you be given an IR35 determination (SDS)? If not, you are neither inside nor outside.

    I think you are probably resigned to either going via an Umbrella or leaving.
    I have an SDS.

    I think some in the company are a bit confused amongst themselves about the companies ongoing policy regarding contractors which is why Im getting the mixed messages.

    Basically a few people have said "We're putting you inside IR35 because the company wont deal with Ltd Co Contractors going forward"* which in my mind at least is different from we're putting you inside because you actually are inside.

    * The implication being that where there was any ambiguity in the rules/contract/working practices they chose the route that would weight it more towards inside when doing the SDS questionnaire.
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      I've just put a post on a very similar thread, here:

      It is infuriating, but we are where are are and we all now need to get real about IR35 and SDS etc. We're coming to the end of this FY, so start the new FY with a new arrangement and avoid tax complications at a new client and new agency. By going from Outside (via limited) to Inside (via Umbrella) or even just straight-forward Umbrella without a statement on IR35 (think increased NI and Employer NI contribs), you put yourself at risk. How much risk... who knows, but that's for you to make a decision on. If you're happy with the risk, I guess you'll suck it up and extend. Good luck with your decision, its brought agony to many of us.
      Leave: "To remove oneself from association with or participation in"