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Where will it all end?

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    Re: That's a bit nihilistic too, isn't it?

    can't see anything other than a massive swing to the right, when the advanced countries of the world finally come to recognise that china and india and others are fine as providers of raw materials but we can't really afford for them to join the big boys. I have long argued that it would be better for us to nuke china and india and the middle-east into glass now, while we still have the option of doing so.
    dundeegeorge: if the objective is to improve things, judging from the above comment, you should be the first to be relieved of your life. I doubt you'd be missed much anyway you miserable scottish b*stard!


      Re: That's a bit nihilistic too, isn't it?

      In a world full of dundee george's I'd rather they nuked us.

      @#%$ me, does the whinging ever end, it's friday go have some beer's and stop worrying ffs.


        Re: That's a bit nihilistic too, isn't it?

        Is there any connection between Ayn Rand and the RAND Corporation?

        Not as far as I know