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V for Victory

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    Re: UFO

    AtW, don't take any notice of Owl, he is just trying to entice you into appearing foolish when you next order a prawn cocktail, well done steak and black forest gateau at your local Berni Inn. "gateaux" is actually pronounced "gat-oh", not "gat-ow" (unless you are from Wolverhampton perhaps).


      Re: UFO

      unless you are from Wolverhampton
      Que dialect joke:

      Noddy Holder shopping in the 70s.

      I want a pair of those flared trousers with the high waistband, that jacket with the big tartan lapels, and that shirt with the rounded collars, oh and those realy high platform shoes.

      Certainly Sir, and would sir like a Kipper Tie?

      Oh yes please 2 sugars ta.


        Re: UFO

        Certainly Sir, and would sir like a Kipper Tie?

        Widget, you are the man when it comes to black country regional humour.


          Gabrielle Drake

          Gabrielle Drake actually looks pretty -- first link on Google - www.fantasyfemales.co.uk/...allery.htm - suggests she was in porn movies!


            Re: Gabrielle Drake

            Corr, can't believe I missed this lovely thread :b

            As a kid, I thought V was fantastic. It's been a while but some of the aliens had really cool helmets - gold I think? The Mother Ship was impressive, but for wet dreams I'd still take a Cylon and fighter from the original B.S.G., and a Stormtrooper and an X-Wing from S.W.

            And porn links too...hubba hubba...the weekend is starting to look good, what with Orla and Drake :b