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Rupert Murdoch on Radio Five Live today

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    My problem with the Murdoch thing is that he is allowed to get away with paying a tiny amount of tax whereas when we try to minimise our tax exposure we are seen as tax cheats. Because he offers NL a pro NL press then his organisations tax affairs are not investigated, whereas us little guys, who are not even in a position to fight the IR, are seen as fair game.
    Rule Number 1 - Assuming that you have a valid contract in place always try to get your poo onto your timesheet, provided that the timesheet is valid for your current contract and covers the period of time that you are billing for.

    I preferred version 1!


      Originally posted by benn0
      I ... have no problem with paying the correct amount of tax.
      benn0, "the correct amount of tax" is an expression that has lost its meaning.

      It is used a lot by the Chancellor and the Paymaster General, and has come to mean "the maximum amount of tax we can get from people", and includes IR35, S660 and, worst of all, the ability to veto legal tax avoidance methods.

      Given the uncertain nature of the above, who knows what "the correct amount of tax" is, other than what individual HMRC officers decide after running roughshod over reason, or, for the lucky few with resources, what individual taxpayers can win back through the courts?

      Most of the opinion on here is because HMG and HMRC demand as much as they can, because they can, and you have to pay up. So if they are going to extremes, what is wrong with taxpayers fighting to keep every penny they can?

      I'm sure you don't pay IR35 and S660 do you?


        Originally posted by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
        Where you born a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou asshole or did you have to work on it?
        I must have picked it up from reading this board to much.