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When the tree huggers finally see the light

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    Originally posted by hyperD
    I think you need a dictionary for the word baiting. And atheist while you're at it.
    a. baiting - " To attack or torment, especially with persistent insults, criticism, or ridicule."

    b. atheist - "One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God"

    Well hyper since I have been doing a lot of a and there are many b's on this board your point makes no sense whatsoever.
    Sola gratia

    Sola fide

    Soli Deo gloria


      Obviously as the good lord removed the subtleties of thinking in part of his big plan for you, I'll spell it out:

      Your definition of baiting is quite correct. However, your grasp on reality is way off. If you think you are baiting the other posters by cutting and pasting other peoples thoughts then you are sadly mistaken.

      People think you are just another troll and simply ignore your diatribe. Myself, I'm just intrigued at how much of the blue pill you've taken.

      Again, your definition of atheist is quite correct. However, a majority of posters here accept the existence of a creator (myself included) and lead good lives. It's just we don't restrict ourselves and alienate others by paraphrasing passages from bibles and other sources in order to justify their different viewpoint on life.
      If you think my attitude stinks, you should smell my fingers.


        Originally posted by Chico
        While the raving "atheist" foam at the mouth and stumble in the darkness the purveyors of truth smile in the knowledge that they bask in glow of light.
        This is quite a dill-diddly-emma. Better talk this over with the big man...
        Okilly-dokilly neighbour!


          Originally posted by Chico
          Lots of people move to the right as they grow older, and newspaper commentators are no exception..
          I moved to the right in my early 20s.

          Originally posted by Chico
          But I fear there is another reason. Leftwing commentators get bored.
          No. They simply discover that the left is not right. I myself know plenty of ex-Marxists who are now libertarian free marketeers.


            The head of the thread

            Chico: I found your lead cut'n'paste article rather entertaining, and I doubt I would have come across it in my normal surfing routine.

            Well done, an excellent find, and I am pleased that you saw fit to post it.

            Insanity: repeating the same actions, but expecting different results.
            threadeds website, and here's my blog.