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BNP Founder Dead

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    Originally posted by sparklelard
    Whilst I agree that everyone should have a voice, I draw the line when that voice becomes violent and abusive.
    That's this board buggered then.
    Autom...Sprow...Canna...Tik banna...Sandwol...But no sera smee


      However, had the opinions of Tyndall and his like been influentual from the fifties we would now have no Jews in this country, no nice indian restaurants, no chinese takeaways, no thai food, no kebabs, no eric cantona, no gianfranco zola in the EPL, no succesfull asian businessmen providing jobs for our thick chavs.....

      If only England were left to englanders then we could have a nation of chavs

      The court heard Darren Upton had written a letter to Judge Sally Cahill QC saying he wasn’t “a typical inmate of prison”.

      But the judge said: “That simply demonstrates your arrogance continues. You are typical. Inmates of prison are people who are dishonest. You are a thoroughly dishonestly man motivated by your own selfish greed.”


        Originally posted by xoggoth
        However, had the opinions of Tyndall and his like been influentual from the fifties we would now have a less crowded country, a less spoiled countryside, a better quality of life, at least the same standard of living and we would never have had the London bombings, the Brixton Riots, the Bristol riots, the Toxteth Riots the Blackburn riots... We would not have had all the restrictions on our freedoms in the name of equal opportunity or the need to "prevent terrorism" or have had make endless compromises to our own aspirations and modify our culture to accomodate the cultures of those who surely, as voluntary newcomers, should have moulded to ours.
        Yes, send the Irish home, NOW!
        McCoy: "Medical men are trained in logic."
        Spock: "Trained? Judging from you, I would have guessed it was trial and error."