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Marie Celeste II

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    Originally posted by zeitghost

    Maybe they were Greys in Greyshark chameleon suits!
    (Gasps!) What a cunning plan!


      Originally posted by Wiki
      In the television series Babylon 5 the The Vree' s appearance lead descendents of human abduction victims to take legal action against them.
      "His great great grandfather abducted my great great grandmother and...."
      Drivel is my speciality


        Originally posted by wendigo100
        That deserted yacht for a moment - perhaps one of the guys fell overboard and couldn't swim, the other two jumped in to save him, but in their hurry forgot to put the ladder down. So they couldn't climb back onboard.
        That was my initial thought, they're reacting the movie Adrift. Adrift II, coming to a news channel near you very soon.
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