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Previous contract offer ignored.

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    Originally posted by JamesC34 View Post
    I have been working as a contractor for a local authority, employed through an umbrella company.

    My contract was due to finish at the end of March 2020, but back in February my manager verbally offered me a 6-month extension to October 2020 which I accepted in writing. The manager claimed she had received corporate approval to make this offer. At the time, I had two other offers on the table from other companies but decided to stick with my current employer on the basis of the extended contract.

    They dily-dally about getting the contract signed. Then along comes Coronavirus. I received my notice, and my the HR department apparently has no knowledge of the previous contract offer made to me, claiming my contract was due to end by the end of March anyway. Because of this they cannot, or will not, furlough me!

    I am currently working out my 4 week notice. But I have the written proof of me accepting the verbal offer of a contract extension to October, with my manager's reply saying how pleased she was.
    We're at the back end of April. You therefore had your contract extended and then notice was served on that extension. They've been legal about it.

    Originally posted by JamesC34 View Post
    Thoughts on this? Are they legally obliged to furlough me? So far my agent has been making the case but we don't seem to be getting anywhere.

    What options are available to me?
    You're a contractor; end client can't furlough you as you're not their employee.
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