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Umbrella companies and profit sharing bonus

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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    I missed the "true" salary comment. Your true salary is what is being declared as your taxable income. If it's less than you're taking home then you are likely to be disappointed.

    And eek is right on another point, and I'm sorry if it wasn't made explicit to you. You cannot do any work in a furloughed role and expect the benefit to be paid.
    I am completely aware that you cannot work in a furloughed role.

    All my salary is being declared as taxable income as far as I am aware - it's how the umbrella company pays out to its employees that has caused a problem. They are dividing things up into a 'basic rate' (minimum wage) and then anything above that is called 'bonus' even though it isn't an actual bonus - it's just that my wage varies month to month depending how many shifts I work etc.


      I honestly have no idea how the scheme will work in your case, sorry. I'm not convinced anyone really knows until claims start being submitted.