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I've been lurking around for over a year, decided to create an account now that I have a question.

I have applied for a mortgage via broker with less than 12 months contracting history, and she seems to only have access to one mortgage product with pretty high rate.

Is this right? Don't I have any choice between products just because I am contracting for less than a year?

How long have you been doing it for? What is your deposit size? Do you have a contract that takes you over a year? The answers to these questions will dictate the amount of lenders you have access too and if your options can be increased. 12 month history is really the magic number to increase your options these days

Barclays/Woolich do not have a contractor criteria anymore so you would need to use accounts to access their self employed criteria and no one will accept less than a years accounts. Your deposit size should dictate the rate available to you and I have found that the lender we use for less than 12 months is average across the market in terms of rate, not the best but middle range.

Like the others have said, speak to a few and see who you trust

Hope this helps