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It technical tests

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    Originally posted by rocktronAMP View Post
    This is just getting crazy.

    I am starting to invent and re-applied entry level questions for any job that come in. I am getting ratty with agents on the phone. If I hear the agent has no got a full job specification to hand, then I will wring their flipping necks, if I could.

    Is this a public sector role? (if yes, politely decline)
    Do you have a job spec?
    What version of X, Y?
    How are many interview stages?
    Give the exact detail of each stage of the interview?
    So there is an online test? How long is the test?
    What are the office hours? ( you wouldn't believe it. One client wanted some one in 8am and staying to 6:30pm Monday to Friday and that client was not in London City or Canary Wharf. I lived 50 miles away from the site. There was no chance to WFH)


    These are the questions I want answered up front really well, otherwise I know it will be complete waste of time.

    I'd add:

    "Will I be required to work in close proximity with anyone who doesn't wash on a regular basis?"

    For the original question, any technical test lasting longer that 30 mins, I ask for $500 cash in advance. Either that or I recommend that they hire the next guy. It seems to weed out the bozos.
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