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Advice needed in dismissal

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    The long and short of it is you are not and the employee, you're a supplier providing a service.

    Suppliers can have a contract with a client stating that the client would like the supplier to provide some amount of service x for y months.
    They can terminate the contract with 2 weeks notice, but if service x is not required in those two weeks the supplier doesn't get paid.

    If you hired a builder for two weeks then decided after the first weekend that you didn't really want that extra wall taken down after all you wouldn't expect to pay for the second week would you? He'd bill for the first week and go off to the next job... He night have some interesting names for you...


      Originally posted by Lola C View Post
      Oh my, you are still going on? And noone moved this thread yet?

      Highjacking other peoples threads is not so nice.
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        Peter Noone? He was great with Herman's Hermits.
        Lola's banned, they won't reply.
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