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Libertarian academic supports rule by decree to deliver Brexit

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    Originally posted by jamesbrown View Post
    The best solution for the Irish border is for NI to stay fully aligned with Ireland on the minimum necessary for the absence of physical checks (SPS etc.) and for those checks to instead happen on E-W trade in the Irish sea. I've said this countless times, but you perhaps have the memory of a gnat. It isn't immediately workable for temporary reasons (literally, nothing is). First, until the institutions are back up in NI, there's no opportunity for consent. Second, the Tories have a C&S agreement with the DUP. In the long run, it poses no real threat to the Union. There's literally no workable solution otherwise. Staying in the EU isn't a solution for all but the most cretinous among us, i.e., you. The NI backstop isn't a solution (voted against three times). What's your fantastical solution other than "not leaving"?
    Are the IRA in favour of this proposal ?

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      Originally posted by GhostofTarbera View Post
      Are the IRA in favour of this proposal ?

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      Well not really sure the 'IRA' actually exists anymore.

      Irish Republican Army - Wikipedia

      Didn't they change their name to the real IRA?

      But surely any 'Army' which is not backed by a government and exists to protect that country is actually just a group of terrorists?

      but I am not expert so surely someone will be along to correct me.