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The neverending backstop...

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    Originally posted by sasguru View Post
    You're a Brexiter and hence too stupid to work out that if May's BRINO is rejected, a 2nd ref becomes almost a certainty.
    As William Hague says, parliament will reject a no-deal Brexit.

    You lost get over it, its BRINO or nothing

    Don't worry if all this is taxing your brain cell, you'll work it out eventually, probably when its too late, as usual
    It's very hard to predict. The disaster capitalist ERG is prepared to destroy the economy to achieve their goal. So it comes down to a game of chicken between the government, the people's vote faction and the EFTA faction (is there even such a thing in parliament?). There is a chance that May's deal may prevail once the reasonable MPs are looking at the cliff edge.

    The scenario is:

    1 Vote on government deal fails
    2 No confidence motion fails
    3 Vote on opposition amendment for EFTA or people's vote fails
    4 Vote on ERG amendment fails
    5 Vote on government amendment wins, with enough support from those who hold their nose to stop the cliff edge

    Immense fun to watch.