Table of annual PAYE and NIC on directors' salary
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    Default Table of annual PAYE and NIC on directors' salary

    Where can I find a tax table showing for 2004/05 the total annual PAYE of the income tax + NI (Ees, Ers) of salaries of 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K ...etc...for company's directors.
    I find it very useful but even when it seems strange no findings so far. On the ir site many lengthy manuals with such elaborate calculations not really what I want so that I had to give up. It seems like somebody makes the things unnecessary complicated. I have calculated the annual PAYE (including both NIC's) for a salary of 5,000 pounds equaling to 76... not sure i if this is OK. It seems to be somehow low.


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    nobody here but us chickens


    Default paye etc

    the figures are the same for directors as for anyone else on an annual basis. The directors calculation method is specifically to allow for very variable payments but gives the same answers over the year.

    calculation methods rather than tables for calculating paye and ni are clearly available on the ir web site.

    If that is too complex are you sure you are up to being a company director ? Let alone an IT consultant.

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    Default RE: annual PAYE and NIC on directors' salary


    I am not after the methods of calculating - I am after the simple table by comparison showing the exact amount of annual income tax plus NIC's for salaries of 5K, 7.5K, 10K, or whatever (can be also monthly, or quarterly etc). If this does exist on IR site please provide me a link so I can verify, not all theses methods, strange tables or supplements, etc.

    Just annual PAYS including NIC for a range of salaries. This is what I am after.


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    Default Re: NIC on directors' salary

    Can somebody explain pls?

    What is the annual ET for employee class 1 NIC after which the 11% is applicable?

    £91 * 52 weeks makes £4732 not £4719 (£4108 + £611) as in this link ( - what is even stranger IR in form CA44 equals annual ET to £4745. So which number is correct?

    £4745, £4732 or £4719. It makes not so much difference for the salary of £6000, but still...


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