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Does anyone here make charitable donations through their company?

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    Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
    Jessica... How you doin'?
    Funny you should ask...

    Been finishing the Masters from Hell, and in particular the final six months project squeezed into six weeks - because accountants have Plan Bs as well....

    ...and then I’m in hospital 24 hours out from a knee replacement...

    Apart from that grand


      Originally posted by WordIsBond View Post
      So, I've often thought about this one. I'm recognised as an officer of, and contribute regularly and sometimes heavily, to a not-for-profit community organisation which is not a registered charity.

      I've never done this through the company because it isn't a registered charity and because someone might try to argue that I'm 'benefiting' from the organisation. The latter would be a stretch, I'm putting far more in than I get out, I receive no remuneration, and any 'benefit' is self-satisfaction rather than anything measurable.

      Am I being overly cautious?
      Context, details and sector will be everything. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s not.


        Originally posted by d000hg View Post
        Has anything changed in the last decade or so that means maybe it used to be a bad idea to give corporately but not isn't (or vice versa?)
        It used to be slightly more tax efficient (subject to a couple of assumptions) to make gift aid donations personally - this was to do with how the basic rate band extension worked along with the dividend tax credit (if my memory serves me right). Since the removal of the tax credit a few years ago, it is now slightly more tax efficient to make these donations via your limited company - the differences are pretty small in any case.


          Originally posted by Jessica@WhiteFieldTax View Post
          Context, details and sector will be everything. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s not.
          In other words, give my accountant all the details and discuss with him.