ClearSky rang me for ID 03/04/2017 to complete the incorperation of the Ltd company name I paid them to register.

I helped the caller from ClearSky find the email I had sent with my ID attached.(doing her job for her)

I asked her if i would be able to make my company dormant as of imediate effect, I no longer have employment and contract has run out (as discussed with the previous CS caller) She was very reluctant to answer the question, instead insiting I completed the registration first and spoke to an accountant who would help me futher. I insisted she told me but she said she didnt know. Evenutually shes puts me on hold a few times to ask someone else. Its 100+pa she said, I asked how much for a month and she finds out for me its 50pm.

I of course request not to go ahead and to nothing more to do with them. £150 exsit fee she said!

I asked to speak seciffacally to a manager (I eventually got a senious advisor) I recored the phone call. I explain theyve done nothing I havnt paid for. She says the £10+ registration was discounted from £120, I told her they had discounted me without my knowing and wish to reclaim the discount?

No she said, emails have been sent and 'work has gone on behind the sene' I tell them forget everything im not going ahead with the registration nor am I paying an exit fee and they dont even have my ID yet.

I emailed this to them underlined 'Official notice not to register me with ClearSky' and an official notice to cease and desist the £150 (same day)

They replied the following day (with the subject line of the changed from registration to the Ltd company name) saying they acepted my ID registerd me and gave me the option again for £150 exit fee!

They said because I went on the portal to check my name and address I must have checked the terms and conditions box.