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Quick and dirty out-of-the-box web-server

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  • SimonMac
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  • d000hg
    started a topic Quick and dirty out-of-the-box web-server

    Quick and dirty out-of-the-box web-server

    A lot of development work I do involves interacting with remote Web-APIs. Sometimes there is a simulator, but often I could get by with some hand-crafted JSON/XML files and just tell a noddy web-server to return a given file no matter what request it's given, or map a given URL to a static file.
    I'm not a web-dev or I'm sure this is trivial in PHP but I wonder can I use some standalone application to just run up and it is a web-server on like I describe? Sort of the way Jenkins does in a way. I do not want to setting up IIS or Apache!