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    And the recycling bin was trundled forth in the frosty night, and safely recovered and detrundled (still a bit frosty) before I went shopping

    Once again, only one of the black bins was put out by an unknown hand, and I have left it for them to retrieve it. The other three are now extremely full, but luckily they're frozen at the moment - the sun never reaches the bin area at this time of year


      Afternoon all

      This morning was overcast and a bit dull with only a light dusting of frost. The cloud seems to have cleared just in time for the afternoon sun to do it's bit and blind me while I work. It's 3 degrees and apparently it might get up to 4. Barometer is down to 1010 mBar.

      Busy day at the coal face again. Knackered. Lunch was ham and cheese omelette. Might have some crisps later.


        It's already turning frosty again out

        Lunch was sausages in finger rolls, which were very nice and also help with the mission of reducing the amount of stuff in the freezer

        And then I moved various minor but bulky bits of stuff to the car along with a couple of bags of books and headed over to the new flat.

        The cardboard explosion in the living room was even worse than I remembered, but it only took a few minutes to get it folded to manageable proportions so I could start ferrying it down to the car. On the first trip down I got to the front door at the same time as what I think is the ground floor flat below mine. She is, I suspect, an academic; she had the general air of one, including the hair dyed a colour not found in nature but without being too outré. The neighbourhood is rich in such people, as the university (Leicester, not De Montfort) is just across the park. But the most important aspect of this chance meeting was that she had her hands full of bags of rubbish, so I was able to ask her where the bins are

        Behind the opposite block turns out to be the answer, so it's a minor trek. On the other hand, I believe the cleaners of the communal areas will take one's bags away if they're left outside one's flat door on certain mornings. This is a probably a concession to the several, and possibly numerous, very elderly people I've seen about the place though, and the exercise will do me good

        Anyway, I got all the cardboard from the sofa down to the car and went down to the tip to drop it off; I didn't bother with all the plastic, as that can be bundled up and stuck in a corner, so it can wait until the rest of it comes from the other things that need unboxing and assembling.

        Returning, I remembered to collect about a third of the stuff from the storage place, so that's now cluttering the bedroom and hallway. And I popped into Homebase (also en route, and it has an Amazon Locker) to get a mixed selection of screws and Rawlplugs, as I'd forgotten to measure the existing Billy bookcase holes, and I figured having a variety available couldn't do any harm.

        As it was then getting to the time when the river crossing becomes unusable until after rush hour, I made a coffee and stuck some stuff in the dishwasher so I could get an idea of how long its most intensive cycle takes. Then I settled down to see what could be done with the TV, as I'd found the remote here and even remembered to put new batteries in before taking it with me. The remote seems a bit unreliable; some buttons work better than others and some don't seem to work at all, and it generally seems to need more pressure than my current ones. Also, the TV is on the floor because there's nothing to put it on, so the angle of attack probably isn't helping. But I eventually managed to hop around various channels.

        And then, as the moon was rising behind the tree next to the opposite block which made the place look very scenic, I headed home. It's not as warm in here as it is over there


          Oh, and I finally remembered to put up the shower curtain I got the other day

          Still haven't read the manual for the smart shower though


            Tea: roast gammon, chips, fried eggs and beans

            Accompanied by Trucking Hell of course

            The car earlier was a Ford Bronco which made a vestigial profit at auction, and the gold diggers all seemed happy enough


              Bags mostly packed, almost ready to go. Just need to take The DogTW for a walk in the morning, then drop her off with the brother in law, and then up to the big smoke before Sunday’s flight.

              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan


                Tonight's major motion picture premiere was the new Apple film Emancipation (2022) in which a Louisiana slave, played by Will Smith, escapes to the comparative freedom of the Union army. I thought it was very good

                It also reminded me that earlier in the year I was going to watch 12 Years a Slave but I decided to read the autobiographical book Twelve Years a Slave first. So I did, and it was very good, but I haven't yet remembered to watch the film

                And then the Alien rewatch (in order of timelines, not production) continued on its stately course with Alien: Covenant (2017) which is another of those that's good as long as you aren't one of those people that wets the bed over a film somehow not matching up with some vague notion you have in your head of what a different film felt like when you were nearly forty years younger

                Finally, a couple of episodes of The West Wing which happened to include that one with the nonsense about CJ and that song that nobody's ever heard of other than it being made a big thing of in that episode of The West Wing

                Goodnight all


                  Morning all

                  CBS, etc out.
                  Time to talk The DogTW then pack the car and head off.
                  {emotionless greeting}

                  Three Word Slogan


                    Morning all

                    Clear blue sky. Much frost. Currently -2 with a high of 2 expected. Barometer up a touch to 1012 mBar.

                    Next door looks like they're trying to defrost a tree with a hairdryer.





                      Blue sky.

                      Cold in here at 10 deg, 8.5 deg in the kitchen, 4 deg in the leanto, 0.1 deg in the saltinghouse (though the cup of water hasn't frozen. Yet).

                      1008 mBar, 29.766223 in Hg, 756.06 Torr, 14.619 psi, (unchanged), 67% RH (GDR hair), 56% (Lidl electrick).


                      Meanwhile in the preplague days of 18th of March 2019 there was a discussion of "Red Dawn" the NK invasion epic, prunes, and other such delights.

                      Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the wan sunshine and perishing cold.

                      Forgot about Wheeler Dealers so missed the Aston Martin ep.

                      Lunch: baked potato with cheese & baked beans, a yellow corner yog, marmalade on two slices of toast, blackcurrant jam on slice of toast, 0.91*1.59 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Wheeler Dealers S10 E6: rusty 1997 TVR Cerbera. Bought £8k, Total: £12,850 (including £2k for a new chassis), Sold: £14k MOT expired in 2020.

                      Wheeler Dealers S8 E3 Range Rover P38 whatever that is. MOT expired August 2022. Bought: £2100.36 (off ebay), Total: £3042, Sold: £3600.

                      Wheeler Dealers S9 E2 Morgan Plus 4 & guess wot? the chassis needs replacing. MOT expired 2013 with a bit over 25k miles on the clock. How the feck are they going to get Edd China in that thing? Bought: £13k, Total:£, Sold: £21k, allegedly back to the dealer they bought it off originally (according to pistonheads).

                      Stone me, changing that chassis was a good deal more difficult than the Cerbera. Had to drill holes & get new bits of marine ply. The new suspension parts and chassis were a very reasonable £1600 though. The labour, on the other hand, would have been about £6k. Took 130 man hours to accomplish. I've done some daft things with old cars but not that daft. .

                      Wheeler Dealers S9 E12: Triumph TR6. Bought: £6k, Total: £7,050, Sold: £8k5.

                      Presumably a rustbucket, being a Triumph. Oh, it wasn't. Just stank of petrol instead. Just as well it didn't have a roof then.. Petrol tank repaired, hardened valve seats and valve guides in the head, waterless coolant in the engine, new hood, refurbished seats.

                      Shopping trip to Morrisons done dusted washed dried & put away.

                      Tea: not very fiery bol with spag, xmas pud with custard, 0.91*1.63 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: thing about Western films on Sky Arts.

                      D. Gilmour live in Pompeii 2016.

                      The Endless River on Sky Arts.

                      Maigret S4 E10 "Another World" 1963. Mildly amusing.

                      Thing on PBS about the USSR: E2 & E3 from 1944 to 1991.
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