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test please delete

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    Tea has been scouse with a couple of thick ends of sesame bloomer. Very tasty and warming

    Also helps reduce the amount of stuff in the freezer


      {emotionless greeting}

      Three Word Slogan


        The car was a Mazda RX-7, which I've seen before, and the gold hunters were variously rubbish or moderately competent, as always.

        And then a bit of Police Interceptors

        And finally The Repair Shop, featuring a radio hidden in a book that survived the occupation of the Netherlands in WWII, along with an unrelated bear

        Goodnight all


          Morning all
          Foggy and cold out (1.6oC a few mins ago) might wait for it to warm up before we go for a walk.
          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan




            Cold in here at 12.1 deg, 12 deg in the kitchen, 8 deg in the leanto.


            Blue sky in parts.

            1027 mBar, 30.3273 in Hg, 770.31 Torr, 14.895 psi, (up from 1025 last night), 74% RH (GDR hair), 68% RH (lidl).


            I assume the waste disposal & recycling engineers have made their merry way along the road but I didn't hear them if they did.

            Meanwhile on March 12th 2019 some oik had disturbed my lunchtime doze, and an inderminate "They" were taking photographs of the lab with a solitary Esteemed Customer in residence.

            Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the sunshine. It's gone all misty now, can just about see the end of the garden, the other side of the valley seems to have disappeared.

            Lunch: baked potatoes with cheese & baked beans, red corner yog, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toast, 0.91*1.57 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: Y&Y: Gap Finders: skin care, Sliced Bread: multiblade wet razors. TWAO: no doubt more hand wringing about the Royals FFS. Just as well "They" never heard some of the stuff the late & even more elderly Strangelove Mater came out with back in the day. .

            I've just dug an ancient RF signal generator out of the garage. I built it from a PW (Practical Wireless) design about half a century ago.

            Once it's dried out we'll see if it works. IIRC it was never particularly wonderful. .

            Stone me: https://www.budecountygrammar.org/19....html#physics1

            I used to know that stuff, long long ago and far far away across the river.

            Whereas by 1981: https://telescoper.wordpress.com/201...-vintage-1981/

            Decay chain of manganese 56 to iron 56? Well there's a thing.


            You really couldn't make this tulip up. A firearm instructor who shoots himself in the eye with his own gun. .

            The homemade RF sig gen does sort of work on 3 or 4 of the lower ranges.

            Ran it up slowly on a variac, though this wasn't slow enough to stop a sufflex capacitor across the rectifier from shorting out, though it didn't do any obvious damage.

            The quality of construction is pretty dire and living in the shed for 40 years hasn't improved it much. But there we are: the answer to the question is: yes, it works after a fashion.

            Tea: chill con carne (insipid version) with rice, some fruit cocktail, a yog or two, 0.91*1.64 pints of good Glengettie tea. Which reminds me I need to buy some more teabags since the two bin system is about to fail.

            Entertainment: PM waffling on about stuff.

            Wheeler Dealers S15 E15 1985 Mercedes 300TD, the go a lot slower version. Bought: $4k5, Total: $5k8, Sold: $11k1. A profit. Replaced the vacuum hoses & fittings of which there are a lot, repair & recalibrated the injection pump, repaired the car aerial, replaced the top of the dash, some wooden bits & the armrest.

            Kerrang! 80s & 90s rock.

            The Secret Genius of Modern Life E4: Electric Car. Inneresting enough, would have been better if the gurning idiot Musk had been omitted.

            Ghosts US S1 E10. Amusing. Who knew an electric shock could do that?

            Trucking Hell S6 E9. Rory free zone.

            Wheeler Dealers S17 E8: Renault 5 GT Turbo. Bought: £6k, Total: £7796, sold back to the owners: £11k. Bit of a profit. Removed all the Carlos Fandango go faster crap in the engine bay, ceramic coated the exhaust manifold, found original wheels which were repainted gold, reupholstered the seats, repaired the front bumper after the stupid Carlos Fandango intercooler was removed, I'd forgoteen it had a carburretor, which required rebuilding to cure rough running, set the tappets (who else remembers doing that?). Looked nice when it was finished.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning denizens

              Another grey but dry day, only 5°C so far and not expected to get any higher. Barometers are up still more at 1022/1030mB

              I was thinking of going to Sainsbury's, but there isn't really anything I need, so I probably won't bother. Instead, I'm working out what to transport over to the new place. It's all got to go, yet it's all got to be out of the way when the first lot of Ikea furniture is delivered next week so there's room to assemble stuff


                Early lunch: herby chicken, tomato and lentil soup with a wholemeal crust

                I've realised that I'm looking at various boxes and such thinking they'd be easier to move if it wasn't for assorted bits of clutter piled on top, in front, and so on. Therefore: move the clutter! Some of it is just stuff I didn't have a box for, some of it should probably go to the tip, but at least if it's all moved I can get to the boxes


                  Afternoon all

                  Dull and overcast with a dampness to the air. It's 4 degrees and that's the high for the day. Low chance of rain

                  It's been a busy morning - lay in for as long as I could get away with (still feeling like crap) then packed, worked until 1230, packed away laptop, got the bus to a different part of town with both mine and HWMBO's cases, checked in and logged back on. Just realised I forgot to fit in some lunch so hopefully HWMBO can pick something up for me when he finishes work for the day.


                    So, I shifted some clutter and realised this gave me fairly easy access to the three biggest boxes of books - they're probably twice the capacity of the ones I mostly use. So it seemed like a good idea to get them shifted, then I could empty them over there and bring them back for more

                    Except when I went to hoick them out, they weighed an absolute ton! Well, I'm exaggerating a bit, but they were pretty damned heavy. Through much exertion, I managed to get them downstairs, along with my stair-climbing sack truck (which itself is quite heavy) and carted them out to the car. I was able to fit all three of them in along with the sack truck, and headed off.

                    At the other end, it's all even and well-maintained paths from the parking space I managed to get to the door of the block, so I took the risk of loading all three on at the same time. I managed to successfully navigate this enormous burden inside and into the lift, and so up to the flat where I unpacked them in the living room pending the arrival of bookcases.

                    Then I went down to investigate my ground floor storeroom, located somewhere in the other half of the block. I eventually worked out that the same passcode as for our bit of the block's front door would get me into that area, and had a look. It's a decent enough bit of storage space. The seller had left a metal shelving unit, some bits of carpet, and some used tins of paint in there; all that can get shifted over to the garage where it belongs at some point. But anyway, that meant I could store the sack truck over there, as I won't need it at this end - it's not worth the hassle of trying to get it through the broken paving slabs and gravel of the back yard, and down the narrow passage by the bins. Easier to just take stuff out piecemeal at this end, then shift it en bloc at the other end

                    Anyway, those boxes are not being used for books any more. They'll be fine for shifting stuff that has lots of air in it, but dense blocks of paper weigh too much in those quantities

                    Now having a rest to let my back recover, with a cup of coffee and maybe some biscuits


                      The quality of construction is pretty dire and living in the shed for 40 years hasn't improved it much. But there we are: the answer to the question is: yes, it works after a fashion.
                      Just need to find some other weird old person with similar and you can have a nice chat. I used to do hobby electronics a long time ago, gave it all away.

                      If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                      John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)