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test please delete

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    {emotionless greeting}

    Three Word Slogan


      Yet another new Traffic Cops watched whilst dining

      Then S1E1 of Gomorrah, an Italian thing about organised crime in Naples, Il clan dei Savastano (TV Episode 2014). Seems like it might be OK, though perhaps lacking the humorous aspects that helped to leaven the violence in The Sopranos

      And finally, a Swedish crime thing: Blå ögon (TV Series 2014–2015) (Blue Eyes in English), being set in the world of Swedish politics but with added disappearances and murders and stuff. Judging by this first episode, it's a bit run of the mill and lacking the panache of things like Bron/Broen, but I'll see how it goes

      It's pretty foggy out now, and cold with it

      Goodnight all


        Morning all
        S'murky out, but 4oC, so more pleasant on the walk.

        Did a bit of binge watching last night - Hidden Assets (on iPlayer). Didn't manage the final episode which we've saved for tonight. Another one of those dual country crime dramas, this time Belgium & Ireland.
        {emotionless greeting}

        Three Word Slogan


          Morning all

          Blue sky and dry. Chilly at -1 degrees with a high of 6 expected. Barometer up to 1036 mBar.

          Already a busy morning at the coal face. The migration I was expecting to have completed while I was away was postponed because the sheer volume of data was taking much longer than expected to reconcile.






            Cold at 12.2 deg in here.

            1035 mBar, 30.59 in Hg, 777.06 Torr, 15.03 psi, 62% RH.


            Entertainment: such things as nighmares are made of: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0013hql

            Not for the faint of heart.

            Followed by more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0012s7z

            Was there anything that Nixon didn't feck up? Just askin' like.

            Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the grey chilly rawness of the morning.

            Lunch: leek & potato soup, a red corner yog, bramble jelly sandwich on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: Roswell S3 E15 "Who died & made you king?": well Max did as it happens, but then he was undead again & wanted his kingly powers back. (spoiler alert).

            Roswell S3 E16 "Crash" wherein a jet collides with a UFO, bringing down both and TPTB decide that the jet pilot and his daughter need to die so the aliens decide they're not having that & fix it.

            Two eps to go (and a commentary at a guess). It's a pity they didn't get a chance to round it off properly but at least it has a sort of an ending.

            Tea: Tesco breaded haddock, some pear halves, a yog or two, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: Discovering Yul Brynner.

            Quantum Leap S4 E3 "Hurricane": no sign of Neil Young yet.

            NCIS LA S11 E12 "Groundwork": another one with bits of people.

            The Rookie S1 E16 "Greenlight": our hero gets greenlit by a gang & someone gets killed as a result.

            Car SOS S9 E3 Fiat X1/9: bet this one is tricky.

            Yup. Being a Fiat it was a rust bucket (though not as rustbuckety as some Porsche that've been on there).

            Unfortunately the owner popped his clogs from oesophageal cancer rather before they finished the job.

            Looked nice when they'd done.

            Roswell S3 E17 "Four aliens and a baby": the return of Tess and the baby.

            Nearly done; one ep to go.
            Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 19 January 2022, 13:27.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning denizens

              The fog had passed overnight leading to another sunny morning. Cloud's due soon though, leading to a rise from 4°C to 6°; barometers remain high at 1029/1037mB


                Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
                Entertainment: such things as nighmares are made of: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0013hql

                Not for the faint of heart.
                Right up my street! Thanks


                  Lunch: turkey soup with multiseed bread. Nice and peppery


                    Lunch was some left over soup from whatever HWMBO ordered on Sunday evening. It was very nice.

                    Afternoon snack was some fig rolls.


                      Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

                      Fairly bland grey day out there; not warm, but no biting wind or anything of that kind either

                      There was a car broken down at the minor junction just over the "hill", with the woman who had presumably been driving it standing nearby looking at her phone on the regular. I thought I spotted a damp patch spreading downhill in front of it, though the road was fairly damp anyway, so I assumed it was a radiator problem. They were still there when I came back, this time approaching from the rear, and as I passed I noticed a strong smell of petrol. So I think it may be a bit more complicated than a radiator hose, and she'd be well advised to keep an eye out for anybody approaching with a fag on