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test please delete

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    who? - me?
    NOOOOO!! - not the Blue wire!!


      Originally posted by jainnode View Post
      Very ghoulish. A chap has chopped part of his toe off. Series 23 Episode 5 for anyone who wants a look.


        Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
        Just found out my report on fixmystreet.com was sent to my local council within a minute of me reporting it.

        No wonder they sped up working
        I went to a really interesting talk by Matt Somerville about building that site, at Barcamp London 2 back in 2007


          Originally posted by jainnode View Post
          Tomorrow?, well, That'll confuse things for sure
          All Chinese All Night on here tomorrow


            Tea: lamb scouse with the thick end of a sesame bloomer

            Might have some coffee & walnut cake in a bit too


              Already down to -4°C outside!

              And temperatures tomorrow forecast to remain below freeing all day

              Roll on Sunday, when it starts getting warmer


                Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                Nice pali, Gregorian calendar!
                Not only a plai, but an ambigram
                Originally posted by Stevie Wonder Boy
                I can't see any way to do it can you please advise?

                I want my account deleted and all of my information removed, I want to invoke my right to be forgotten.


                  All rewatches all the time tonight, opening with the classic 1990s thriller Clear and Present Danger (1994). All good stuff, as secret wars against drug barons go

                  To follow, Jupiter Ascending (2015). Yes, I know I only watched it in August, but I like it

                  And finally, time to start the HD rewatch of The Shield, the cop show that makes The Wire seem as hardcore as The Wombles, with S1E1, inevitably (because of the peculiar way the American TV production industry orders itself) titled Pilot (TV Episode 2002) even though it has nothing to do with planes or those who staff them. Very heavy stuff; you know right from the start that this show isn't going to waste its time on feelgood stories

                  The flat has been getting colder all night despite the fire being on full blast. I think I've mentioned before that the solid Victorian brick here does a good job of retaining heat, but once it's gone, it's gone. Well, today seems to have been the day when the last of the latent heat in the building dissipated. Down to 17°C in the living room, and 13° in the bedroom. Sunday can't come soon enough

                  Goodnight all



                      Morning all

                      Clear blue sky, some wispy cloud. Darned chilly at -3 ('feels like' -8) and it'll grudgingly get up to 1 later. No precipitation expected. Barometer up to 1030 mBar.

                      Had a fright when I heard my name mentioned on R4. It's not me being interviewed on Saturday Live, phew!

                      Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                      The feminist newspaper 'The Citoyenne' is first published in Paris by activist Hubertine Auciert 1881