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    One of my less interesting pastimes (among many) is that as the credits of a film roll (usually on fast forward or equivalent) I try to guess its MPAA number, assuming it has one. That's the number accompanying the Motion Picture Association of America logo that appears right at the end of the credits for American films, and sometimes ones from other jurisdictions if they've registered with the MPAA.

    Currently they're up to the 52,000 range; I count it a good night if I can get within a few hundred, and up to now the closest I've managed is within about 70.

    I've just watched, for the first time, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017); an excellent film, with a story bathed in tragedy yet frequently very funny, and highly recommended if you haven't seen it.

    As the credits rolled and I held the button down to skip through them as fast as possible, I came up with my guess: released in 2017, so… 50,861. I almost second-guessed myself, as I had a feeling they might have hit 51,000 by that year, but I decided to stick with it.

    End of the credits approaches, I go back to normal speed, the MPAA logo scrolls onto the screen, with the number… 50,861!

    The first time I've ever got it spot on

    And I expect the last, but once in a lifetime is probably more than most people ever manage, assuming anybody else even engages in such an idiotic pursuit
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      ^^^ We : can only pause in admiration at your achievement.

      I thought I'd bought that but either I haven't or it's hiding somewhere.

      Morning all


      White sky.

      Cold. 17.3 deg in here.

      Sunday judging by the wireless.

      Loved Jacobson's rant this morning.

      Thought I'd take a drive to the Lake District to test my eyesight.

      Then I remembered I don't have a car.

      BBC Radio 4 - A Point of View, I Like It Here
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      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Morning all

        Breakfast : usual

        Lunch - Stag Chilli and Rice

        MrsAG in "sorting" mode so hurried into the "office"


          Morning all

          The Dog (tw) has had her walk, followed by a shower, because it’s a bit muddy out there. Finally had some worthwhile rain.
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          Face... the music
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            It's not raining and it seems rather bright. I forgot to look out of the window to check the level of cloud cover while making my coffee and, now I'm sat, it's all the way *over there* and I CBA to get up again. Weather app says it's 16 degrees at the moment and will be cloudy with sunny intervals (as opposed to sunny with cloudy intervals) until about 2pm when the chance of rain returns.

            I need to use up the mushrooms languishing in my fridge so that pie will get done today. I don't seem to have mini pie dishes, much to my chagrin, so one big pie it is. I may steal NF's 'Berlin wall' approach to section it up.


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              Cool stuff about guessing MPAA numbers
              I never knew such a thing existed, I tend to switch off when the credits come around (unless it's one of those annoying films with a teaser for the follow up buried somewhere after the third grip's assistant's apprentice's dog walker has been given their due).

              Very well done, sir!


                As a viewer of ancient cinematic epics, it's inneresting to see how far credits have changed over the years.

                Something like "The Spy Who Came in from The Cold" just puts up "The End" and that's it.

                Unlike the 10 minutes of crap that seems to be de rigeur these days.

                Excavated from the freezer (with considerable difficulty): Tesco garden peas BBE Jun 2012.

                Another legacy from Strangelove Mater in a different age, long long ago, before it all went to tulipe over the next four years or so.

                Beef aroasting in the oven, accompanied by Yet Another Rice pudding.

                Bought the beef last Sunday, so it's festered rather well in the fridge since, the packaging ponged a bit it must be said.

                The other half is in the freezer marked up with the date I bought it.

                It won't be in there for 8 years though.

                Currently listening to Martin Lewis on R4 talking about being one of the two Jews in his skool.

                Which reminded me of "Jewboy Jones" in my class, who wasn't actually Jewish.

                Very odd.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Thank you. You've just reminded me to look something up. I was listening to R4 just before it closed down for the day and handed over to the World Service and they mentioned that at 0635 this morning there would be Natural Histories, all about the cockroach.

                  I have hunted down said programme for anyone else who would like to listen. It's a repeat from 2015 but most things seem to be repeats now.

                  Natural Histories - Cockroach - BBC Sounds

                  Something I do like about BBC Sounds is being able to subscribe to programmes of interest and listen to them in podcast format at my leisure. I so rarely remember when things are airing on R4 and it's usually at a time when I can't sit and listen to them.


                    Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
                    Beef aroasting in the oven, accompanied by Yet Another Rice pudding.
                    Beef out & resting, the poppity ping just pinged so there's more to do.

                    Veg on.

                    The wireless was on at 06:35 but I have no recollection of that programme.

                    Just found yet another two watches that once belonged to Strangelove Snr, the strap of one has disintegrated from some form of plastic rot.

                    He had a lot of watches.

                    There's a talking radio selfsetting watch next to me.

                    He was very concerned that it didn't get stolen when he was in hospital.

                    The battery* is almost flat now so it doesn't talk any more.

                    Must get around to changing it sometime.

                    In other news, I've forgotten to shave.

                    Must remedy that now.

                    <lunch consuming hiatus>

                    And very nice it was too, especially the rice pud which was, once more, done to a turn, followed by 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Having done the pots, now sat down listening to "Comfortably Numb" off "Pulse" before I make my way to the Sunday Afternoon Shop.

                    *It's not a battery it's a cell, but lets not be too pedantic about these things.
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Forgot to take me Garmin on me walk today so used app on my phone. Showed me doing a speed of 331mph. Makes Usain Bolt look like a disabled snail.

                      Seriously, don't think the problem with speed calculation is down to the app but dodgy GPS location on my cheap phone. The track wobbles around a lot.

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