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Things about to get very serious and much more real? / Felicitas Letters

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  • JD1905
    I got an email on the 13th Demanding that I pay over 45k to them before the 20th August.

    They kindly supplied a sort code and account number for me to transfer the funds. ?

    This will get ignored, as has all other correspondence from them. All very bizarre.

    Obviously upto everyone else how they wish to approach it but i’m not bothered about this at all. I’m more worried about what i’m having for dinner tomorrow night.

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  • Synn
    A friend of mine also received one this weekend. His wasn't an administrative write-off, it was a settlement offer for nearly £20k

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  • WJK
    I was with Winchester, and this so called settlement offer is 7th Iv had in the past 15 months!

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  • shampoo
    Quickly skimming through the comments it would seem they're initially targetting IQ for this particular phishing exercise ... Circa what years did that scheme run?

    I'll be paying zip (With regards to a different scheme) as I have an original artefact that states there is NO ongoing liability for contractors who cease operating through the scheme ... that among a number of other artefacts I have in my possession make things pretty irrefutable.


    the state of being legally responsible for something.
    "once you contact the card protection scheme your liability for any loss ends"

    a thing for which someone is responsible, especially an amount of money owed.
    plural noun: liabilities
    Last edited by shampoo; 16 August 2021, 14:22.

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  • MrO666
    I'd also be interested to understand why, where they're now asking for full payment, are the figures demanded different (lower) from previous demands ?

    Could be intentional (can't think for what reason though), or could be another example of the amateur approach.

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  • Monkeypower
    Originally posted by DanJackiels View Post

    Same as me. 775 quid offer. It’s about 0.5% of the value of loans they state. I’d pay it if I thought it was end to all of this. But as I’ve ignored all previous correspondence there is a certain nervousness that engagement now will lead to further demands. (No reason bar emotion for that feeling)
    It almost feels too good to be true ?
    If anything seems too good to be true... well.. it is usually is too good to be true!

    As others have said, be very careful, they still haven't proven lawfully in court that they actually own the loans (one can ignore the false pretence of leveraging off peoples bankruptcy cases as being a win and legitimising the so called "loans", it is not). If they don't own the loans, any piece of settlement paper one might receive is just toilet paper. And does not stop somebody else (and probably the same people) in future just starting up this harassment campaign all over again ! .

    I personally think its a phishing exercise (they have a track record of it... Trust Helpline etc), and my approach is the same as before ... I will wait till a Judge actually tells me to pay, that is if they ever take me to court properly over this.

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  • GregRickshaw
    Originally posted by 78paul View Post
    Interesting that these are all varying offers and all linked to the same firms (IQ Contracts, IQ Consulting and Infinity and perhaps others like Winchester)..
    Yet some are without any offers at all but for large demands of £0000's to be paid within days..

    So, perhaps it is related to the overall value and if the value is under a certain amount they are going by that. Like a tier system..
    Who knows...
    This is an interesting turn of events we are seeing here as it appears they may be focusing on getting something back for some of the schemes, they had to write off Sanzar and a few others fairly quickly, possibly Trustees having a say?

    Conjecture from me; but I wonder if directive has come through from the Trustees of those schemes.

    Seems the ones such as Garraway though are sticking firm.

    These are the only reasons I can think of for such disparity between the responses.

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  • Wtaf
    In the email from Felicitas it admits that it was a tax avoidance scheme (IQ that was started by Andrew Thompson)and they want me to pay money to the Fiscus account that was started by Andrew Thompson. Then if they admit it was a tax avoidance scheme why isn't Andrew Thompson being thrown in prison for this? Double pay day...

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  • eek
    What I will point out is that this forum is public and Felicitas are fully aware of it - we know that from a large number of requests to remove things and other requests.

    Don't post things here that may allow yourself to be identified (and given the randomness of the offers that could very well be offer amounts).

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  • Wtaf
    Originally posted by MrO666 View Post

    Which scheme ?
    IQ and my alleged debt is less than 40k
    Last edited by Wtaf; 16 August 2021, 10:42.

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