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Holiday in Cambodia or California uber alles ?

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    Holiday in Cambodia or California uber alles ?

    Where are you going on holiday this year?

    Or are you Too Drunk to F uck

    traj in "Dead Kennedies in the ears at the mo" mode.

    I'll use my "insight"

    and suggest I might spend some time with the "man with the dogs", although he's a bit of a "terminal preppie".
    I'll drive down in my "buzzbomb", although it was a bit dodgy, but it was in the garage and you have to "trust your mechanic", after all he is a "well paid scientist".
    Unless of course I come down with "the government flu", after working in the 'Kepone factory" but I have been eating lots of chicken soup, after all "soup is good food".
    I might just spend the weekend "stealing people's mail"
    etc. Bored now.


      Re: I'll use my "insight"

      I want a wife with tits
      Who just smiles all the time
      In my centerfold world
      Filled with Springsteen and wine


        Re: I'll use my "insight"

        There once was a woman,
        A strange kind of woman,
        The kind that gets written down in history.
        Her name was Nancy,
        Her face was nothing fancy
        She loved everyone and gave a good return!


          Alright there grandad

          have you got any Lonnie Donnegan 78's?


            Re: I'll use my "insight"

            Is my @#%$ big enough
            Is my brain small enough
            For you to make me a star
            Give me a toot, I'll sell you my soul
            Pull my strings and I'll go far

            And when I'm rich
            And meet Bob Hope
            We'll shoot some golf
            And shoot some dope