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London House Prices Surpass 500,000 Pounds for the First Time

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    Originally posted by GigiBronz View Post
    I have the contract to be signed but I have suggested to the landlord that we should include the terms discussed as well. He went AWOL so I am trying to understand if it is legal loophole that he wants to go for or just busy... trying to weight the other side as well...

    Would you happen to know the building since you lived not very far away? Got mixed reviews so far, underfloor heating not very powerful, it gets a bit hot during summer. But for this surface couldn’t find much in the area. Overall seems decent place.
    I don't think you've sent me the new pad details but it sounds like Tarbs has covered it though - he lives in CW so is far better placed to comment than me.

    Sometimes, "estates" get a bad name for historical reasons and it's often hard to shift. I didn't have any issues when I lived down Dockers Tanner Road years ago.


      Originally posted by GigiBronz View Post
      That sounds about right, thanks, we were aware of some of them...were looking for a base, reasonably close to things and cheap.
      I've closed my accommodation in Highgate in February and have been airbnb-ing since then. Have had some decent experiences but getting a bit tired.
      Market is dead for now, bank account beaten up so calling it quits.

      We're at the 8th floor so hopefully we won't hear the noise that much, I have a problem with that too.
      The heating is not that great in that building and they say it gets too hot during summer. Half of it is empty I believe.
      It has a gym but has been closed for the past year.

      It's not ideal but has plenty of space for us, 2 large bedrooms that we can both have an office in. It's the largest we've seen so far.
      Landlord it's a bit too businessy for my taste but they all tend to be around here.

      We got the contract yesterday and first thing we did was to look how much would an Uber cost to "Ye Old Axe". £11, not too bad I shall say.

      later edit: forgot one, there are a few estates in the area which usually is not good news. also it is Grenfell cladding safe which I guess is ok.
      Browns is surly much better !!

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        Originally posted by GhostofTarbera View Post
        Browns is surly much better !!
        Here we'll have to agree to disagree. We like "the axe" for the cosiness of it, decent quality of eastern European ladies and it being not as business oriented as Browns. (or at least in my perception)
        Most of them are Romanias so we feel at home there, they seem to more open to us as well, we talk about all kinds of things: clients, them, their life, our life . Once drunkenly setup a date with one, second day realised what I did and bailed out. Apparently she did the same with my friend so probably looking for sugar daddies. But it's probably not as fun as it seems. And I was a little church boy when I was young so somethings feels a bit wrong in my mind.