Monday Links from the Fens vol. CCCLVIII
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    Default Monday Links from the Fens vol. CCCLVIII

    Not long until I'm on the bench again and can spend even more time digging up this kind of gubbins
    • The Massacre at Monkey Hill - How a poorly-planned improvement at London Zoo led to warfare and bad science: ”As soon as the first batch of hamadryas baboons were ushered onto the artificial rock face, war broke out. By the end of the decade, two-thirds had been killed… In political science, psychiatry, and the popular press, the slaughter at Monkey Hill was taken as evidence of the inherent depravity of humanity. There was just one problem: the science was bunk. Baboons do not routinely butcher one another in the wild, nor do all primates behave like hamadryas baboons.”

    • The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems - "A former systems operator logs back in to the original computer-based social network." Benj Edwards finds that, even now, there are still some dial-up bulletin boards operating.

    • Chemoversary - Paul Lang started chemotherapy four years ago last Saturday. He’s still with us, and published this account of the experience. ”WARNING! This story contains an graphic image of my face with a really, really unpleasant rash on it that some readers may find hilarious.”

    • Chabuduo! Close enough - James Palmer on the all-pervading Chinese culture of sloppy workmanship: ”The prevailing attitude is chabuduo, or ‘close enough’. It’s a phrase you’ll hear with grating regularity, one that speaks to a job 70 per cent done, a plan sketched out but never completed, a gauge unchecked or a socket put in the wrong size. Chabuduo is the corrosive opposite of the impulse towards craftmanship…”

    • Thank you for reading. Please, for the love of all that is holy, help me build my personal brand. - Alexandra Petri would appreciate it if you would engage: ”While you’re at it, be sure to Like and Follow me on Facebook, where you can receive daily updates whenever I write something, read an article worth sharing or if I just have an experience in a restaurant that I only wanted to tell my friends about, but I clicked “Public” by mistake.”

    • Mind-Blowing Psychedelic 60s Posters Of Hendrix, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Yoko Ono & The Who - From the collection of the late Felix Dennis: ”Dennis loved posters which represented individual artists. He loved the work by Martin Sharp, who was an artist for Oz Magazine –Schoolkids Oz– (which Dennis was the co-editor of). Dennis also enjoyed the art of Ivan Tyrrell, Victor Moscoso, and Hapshash & the Colored Coat.”

    • Blind Rage and the Killing at Carderock - "“When I heard the facts, I thought, ‘That’s what Dave is capable of,’” climber Matt Kull said about his former rock climbing partner, David DiPaolo, in a magazine interview shortly after DiPaolo had been arrested and accused of killing 69-year-old Geoff Farrar at Carderock Recreation Area in Maryland, a few days after Christmas 2013… The fact is, rage can explode without warning. Overpowering judgment, compassion, fear, and pain, the fiery emotion serves one purpose — violence, both in words and actions.” Neuroscientist R. Douglas Fields on how and why we snap.

    • The most beautiful calligraphy in the world - "The Freer-Sackler Galleries in Washington have a new exhibition displaying of some of the most beautiful and significant calligraphy and book illustration ever produced. Each exhibit is the same product, yet there is no sense of repetition. What could this be? It is the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book containing the Prophet’s message."

    • Inside the hidden vaults under the Clifton Suspension Bridge - Ian ventures out of his usual London haunts: ”Experts had long thought the mighty stone foundations of the Clifton Suspension Bridge were as solid as the bedrock they stood upon. The experts were wrong. In fact, they are filled with vast vaults, and until just recently, no one knew they were here. Quite how that was possible is a tale now being told by the bridge which is now occasionally opening up the hidden spaces to the public.”

    • The Wormworld Saga: Chapter 9 - The Dark Minions - Daniel Lieske has just published the latest chapter in his beautiful saga

    Happy invoicing!

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    •The Wormworld Saga: Chapter 9 - The Dark Minions - Daniel Lieske has just published the latest chapter in his beautiful saga
    Noooooo... <phew> What a cliffhanger....
    'CUK forum personality of 2011' - Winner - Yes really!!!!

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