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Weekend Plans?

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    Weekend Plans?

    Since eek can't be bothered to create a thread, I suppose I should do the necessary.....

    Originally posted by BrilloPad View Post
    Since eek can't be bothered to create a thread, I suppose I should do the necessary needful.....
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      How jolly spiffing of you to ask.

      I'm spending it alone in Budapest. The forecast is for rain. Tonight I'll be scouring Tripadvisor for clues.


        Originally posted by Alias View Post
        Tell me what you are doing this weekend! I've got to know......


          Thanks for asking, I hope you have a good one.

          Well tonight it’s off out for dinner at a nice Italian (all paid for by one of my contractors & yes it’s in proportion & non-exclusive so no it’s not a bribe)

          Sat AM: off looking at hot tubs
          Sat PM: Friend over for a game of Rouge Trader

          Sun AM: Playing Arch Age Alpha to work out a plan for getting a farm down ASAP
          Sun PM: Writing up said plan ready for testing in Beta
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            Originally posted by Halo Jones View Post
            Sat AM: off looking at hot tubs
            That'll look nice on the paving slabs!


              looking after everyone as Mrs Eek is on Brownie Pack holiday until Sunday afternoon..

              This morning - not creating this thread before work as I read on my new kindle rather than checking email. (moved from a kindle to ipads ages ago but I can use the kindle while Mrs eek is asleep once so I bought one last week with a 30% off voucher).

              This afternoon - getting a quote for a new boiler. Don't really need it but there is £1000 from the government under green deal home improvements so I'll replace it early and take the cash thanks very much.

              Tonight - School play where younger eek twin is part of the chorus (its Joseph this year for anyone who doesn't have children in a Secondary school).

              Tomorrow - Talking to the developers who want to turn a local factory site into a new supermarket (I'm just making sure they ask Waitrose and Booths rather than offering the site to Tesco)..
              Then my parents are around as they are up north for the Summer. So they are calling in and we are swapping odds and ends around. Finally collecting younger twin from the end of play party at midnight...

              Sunday - younger twin is playing the flute at the local bandstand. so will be there listening in the rain.

              And you?
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              merely at clientco for the entertainment


                Mrs PJ and PJ Jr have joined me for a few days in London (nice to visit, wouldn't want to live etc), so out and about in Camden, Portobello, museums, friends. Tomorrow using £2.50 tickets from ClientCo staff offer to go see Neil Young in Hyde Park. Hope the weather improves ...
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                  Trying to entertain two easily bored offspring.

                  And watching Germany win the World Cup (which I actually predicted before start of tourny, normally I am rubbish at that).

                  He had a negative bluety on a quackhandle and was quadraspazzed on a lifeglug.

                  I look forward to your all knowing and likely sarcastic and unhelpful reply.


                    ******* flying to the US.
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