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Interview red flags

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  • Gibbon
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  • Funhouse
    When it becomes clear they are after free consultancy as opposed to an interview for gig.

    'Can you advise us what to do in this situation'
    'How would we go about X in future'
    'How long would you think it would take to bring in this capability'
    'In your experience, which one of these is better and why'

    Red flags for me.

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    In general my alarm starts ringing whenever the interviewer uses words such as:

    - holistic approach
    - jazzy atmosphere
    - flat structure

    to describe the company. I hear those words and I'm already out.

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  • TheDude
    started a topic Interview red flags

    Interview red flags

    I just had a technical interview and almost every question was incredibly specific - i.e. 'Which class, method, codec etc".

    When I answered questions in depth it was clear the interviewers had very little expertise in the technologies involved and were reading from a script.

    Whilst the rate is very attractive the process did not reflect well on the competence of the team I would potentially be joining.

    What red flags have you picked up from interviews?

    I also interviewed face to face for a startup. The hipster that interviewed me took his shoes off and put his feet on the desk and halfway through proceeding grabbed a beer from the fridge. They disappeared a few months later and the founders probably regretted spending so much on Apple hardware.
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