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IME a degree is just a fast-track to get higher quicker, doesn't mean you're any better once you're there - so the "older folks" are probably on similar ground to their degree-holding peers, but they probably took longer to get there

I started contracting (in engineering) at 25, 3 years out of uni - I don't think I'd have got a single interview if I didn't have a good degree
See, the problem with anecdotal evidence is my experience has been the exact opposite. For years I was always the youngest at my seniority (and above) as the junior, degree holding, guys scrambled to catch up. I did get some lucky breaks in my early 20's, for sure, but at 25 I'd already got a solid 7 years of experience and was moving into a pure senior consulting (Though not contracting, as I was too chicken) role.

Things have definitely evened up now - but in IT* I've not come across anyone my age who has particularly out performed me so to speak.

I will grant you that other fields differ immensely, of course - but, personally, for much of IT formal education doesn't really count for much.