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Procorre consulting

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    Procorre consulting


    Last thread on these guts got deleted in the legal section regarding some sort of contract question.

    Anyone here been approached or has worked for procorre as a contractor? Any thoughts?

    Numbers of articles on them and general info is 'light' considering they have 1,500 consultants working for them. I only get a handful of hits on LinkedIn as we'll.

    Is this for a gig in Ireland? They only seem to exist in Singapore, Switzerland and Ireland.
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      They are doing a recruitment drive and looking to setup offices in all major hubs.

      They have an interesting financial model for contractors and I got sent a take home estimate, profit sharing approach, health care etc.

      My cynicism detector is tingling because I am looking for the catch, maybe there isn't one.


        Not at interview stage yet mate. It's not a high cash retention deal in any case. Still curious as to why thread was deleted in legal forum though as google cache looks ok. if someone can pm me any info it would be appreciated.

        Looks like its a rebrand of a bunch of acquired consultancies but I don't know which ones yet.


          Hi Bluenose. They didn't like the content of the last post. They do not offer the 90% income that the last thread said they offered so we have taken the thread down for the time being. I have tried to get in contact with the original poster to ask if he still has the emails that he said he was sent, if he does we will stick the post back up.


            Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
            Is this for a gig in Ireland? They only seem to exist in Singapore, Switzerland and Ireland.
            They say they cover 'All Business Sectors', so I've left them your details.

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              These guys seem to be linked to the 'ILS group' who are a tax advisory/financial services firm based in Isle of Man.

              Earnings are linked to how many people you can get working In the firm so it does look like a legal and a above board consulting scheme.
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                I suppose it depends on whether you like the people you recommend it to or ever see them again..,
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                  Not enough info

                  Contacted by these people all goes well and feels like it's meant to feel like an interview process, but it's not ( at least I don't think so) the detail I got back outlines a deal where I give them a high percentage of my daily rate the other %age I process through salary and dividend in my ltd company. I have already decided there is not enough info and my self preservation is buzzing so I'll decline, but I suggest to anyone who considers this to investigate in minute detail with the advice of your accountant.

                  I asked to speak to existing procorre consultants (yet to happen) I also asked about how they provide me work and where they were working. Some comments about "financial and petro chem" . Didn't say as much but it doesn't feel like they have a lot of UK work, but I may be wrong, but overall not a lot more detail it makes no bones about how you increase your earnings using your network to tie more people in to. So 2 telephone chats and then I get an echo sign contract... Bit too rushed and scant for my cautious nature so it's was a no. That's my experience. Be keen to hear from someone who has actually signed up for them!
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                    Hello I’m Sophie, a Relationship Manager for Procorre.

                    We don’t generally comment in public forums, but as there is some interest in us I just wanted to take to opportunity to clarify a couple of things- Procorre is a professional services consultancy, not a payroll or tax services provider.

                    We are currently in the process of recruiting a very large number of experienced consultants in the UK and mainland Europe and have employed a number of companies to help with this process, we also proactively encourage our consultants to introduce known individuals to available projects and reward them accordingly.

                    We offer excellent benefits and opportunities to the right individuals, we apologise Akula7 if the information has been confusing and would encourage you to contact me using the details below or attend one of our recruitment events where you can meet Procorre management and existing Procorre consultants.

                    We would of course be happy to discuss any further questions you have personally, the best way to do so is by contacting us/me by PM.

                    Thank you for your interest. You can read more about what we do via our site procorre.com, our Youtube channel or in our most research and recent press coverage including on ContractorUK

                    Management Today
                    The Director
                    Energy Global
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