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Hard Brexit to cost £50,000 a minute

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    Originally posted by Eirikur View Post
    Which auto industry? they have all left by the time brexit happens
    Well at that cost they won't be around for long.

    Watch for Boris bottling "Hard Brexit"
    I'm alright Jack


      Johnson's Plan B Has Been Rejected by EU and WTO: Brexit Update

      Looks like Johnson's economic plan really will end up costing the UK £50,000 a minute.
      I'm alright Jack


        Originally posted by original PM View Post


        "By contrast, securing a favorable deal with the EU could deliver a 20 billion-pound boost to the U.K. auto industry, according to the SMMT."

        Wonder what will happen!
        The actual report stated "would cost".
        "A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices," George Orwell


          Originally posted by Paddy View Post
          The actual report stated "would cost".
          The actual report also stated "in a worst-case scenario," FWIW.

          But it's not fair to blame you for missing that. The headline and the wording of the report was intended to make you think it's a locked-on certainty.

          Brexit is likely to be quite expensive but we keep getting reports that stress only the worst-case scenario, so no one except those who want to believes them.


            ... topped off with lashings and lashings of emergency budgets.