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  1. Solicitor recommendation, divorce
  2. 2 year rule but contract now falls below 40%?!?!
  3. Dividends spread over two tax years with different rules
  4. Expense claim at different/temporary client site
  5. Self Assessment
  6. Taking advantage of 20% tax relief and pensions for working pensioners
  7. Legal firm recommendation - loan agreement
  8. Accountant recommendations for EU/UK self assessment
  9. Sticky Situation - Excess Retained Profits
  10. Accountant Recommendations in Peterborough
  11. Invest my LTD funds into stock?
  12. Closing ltd company that hasn't traded in nearly a year
  13. Opinion on appearing on "team page" on company's site
  14. Capital gains calculation - Is my self assessment correct?
  15. IR35 Living Abroad
  16. Payment on account, will changes flag me for attention?
  17. Unusual Contract Items?
  18. Self Assessment - which HMRC account?
  19. Setting up a workplace pension without excessive costs
  20. capita ir35?
  21. Clause in contract
  22. Brookson group acquires InTouch accounting
  23. 2016/2017 SA: same tax rate applied for div and non-div income
  24. UK Ltd Company seems eBooks on Apple Do I need to file US tax forms every year?
  25. Dividend Tax / Self Assessment
  26. Form P800 (or lack of)
  27. A business current account that does your accounting
  28. Forced to use an Umbrella
  29. Can my company pay for Eurostar expenses?
  30. UK Contractor in Germany: Using UK Payroll management companies , high net retention
  31. Feeling like the Christmas turkey - stuffed
  32. Company formation services and recurring fees after year 1.
  33. VAT issue after changing companies
  34. WTF - HSBC informed me by letter my business account is being shut
  35. IR35 - contractor with Uk Ltd company and clients not in UK
  36. Which year to book hardware
  37. Anyone use an accountant for ad hoc advice only?
  38. Outstanding accounts for dissolved company
  39. Sole trader expenses
  40. Single Ltd Co to include startup and contracting revenue
  41. Self-employed for 2 foreigner clients, tax issues?
  42. Good Accountant For self employed contractor
  43. Accountants reference fee for mortgage
  44. IR35 - Employer NIC
  45. Self Assessment - Bank Interest
  46. Nearing 2 years at a client /24 Months rule
  47. Switching Accountants - Rec / Referral
  48. An agency is asking for an invoice for the value of expenses my umbrella is claiming.
  49. company return delayed by JSA Account Manager
  50. Invoice payment is lost
  51. Companies House Webfilings
  52. Cross post - legitimate ways of mitigating the 2018/19 loan tax charge
  53. Nimble Jack Accounting - Hardeep Mangat
  54. Supervision, Direction & Control
  55. Gorilla Accounting - Referral bonus
  56. IR35 concerns
  57. Self assessment as Director and Self Employed
  58. Unaware of Directors loan
  59. Not including Rates and Hours on Invoice
  60. Closed my limited company to work on Plan B. I might have to start contracting again
  61. Contract renewal
  62. Mail forwarding + registered office recommendations
  63. UK limited company selling services to USA
  64. help with section 444(1) of the education act 1996
  65. Is it worth correcting Past Company Tax Returns for a dormant company (HMRC)
  66. Contracting with UK LTD abroad: Agency or subcontracting
  67. New contractor... please heeelp!!!!
  68. UK VAT When paying invoice from Gibraltar Corp?
  69. Mexican contractors working for UK office.
  70. Investing in crypto, using business or personal funds?
  71. Regarding 'MiFID II transaction reporting' and LEI number for Ltd companies
  72. QDOS IR35 Insurance query
  73. Initial Company Registration - online or form IN01?
  74. xmas party CUK article incorrect?
  75. Help Needed To Close My Ltd Company
  76. Property Partner investing
  77. Legal advice please
  78. ARD Accounting Reference Date
  79. Can I sue a company for making me lose billable time
  80. Bank's Tax Compliance form - clueless!
  81. Payroll RTI regular slightly early payment
  82. mortgage for contractor returned from abroad
  83. Incorporating a new LTD using companies house model memorandum
  84. Director's Loan Account - what goes on it?
  85. Language training as an expense for a Ltd Company
  86. 2 types of businesses under the same company?
  87. Working In Europe - A Brief Guide
  88. S/employed free accounting software
  89. Reverse dividend in submitted company accounts by making amendment
  90. Cancel dividend in submitted company accounts by making amendment
  91. Ltd company buy to let
  92. SJD - Whats going on there??!
  93. Moving to France with a continuing UK Contract
  94. Complete newbie - first time contracting
  95. Gorilla Accounting- spam?
  96. Notice period - holidays
  97. FreeAgent vs the competition
  98. Company asset insurance
  99. UK/ Irish Ltd companies
  100. Loans vs expenses between companies
  101. Contracting remotely from Ireland with UK company
  102. IPR Contracts
  103. Does dividend tax apply to dividends falling within the personal allowance?
  104. Considering changing my company structure for UK and NZ work
  105. Outside of IR35 Evidence Collection
  106. Working via UK Ltd, without residence ANYWHERE (remote work + travel)
  107. Warning about 1st Online accountants
  108. Gardening leave
  109. UK Limited company and personal tax when traveling to various EU countries
  110. 3 - 4 Weeks in Germany for the contract start, am I tax resident ?
  111. builder VAT query.
  112. Payment being held up due to client?
  113. Childcare Vouchers
  114. VAT on business calls
  115. Need new good Accountant in Warrington / Wigan area
  116. Does this sound like Mooooooooo ?
  117. Tax credits
  118. Contracting in Belgium for 1 year
  119. IR35 / Directors loan
  120. How do I pay myself?
  121. Do the banks we work for get to reclaim the VAT the have to pay on our daily rates?
  122. Example Dividend Voucher/Board Room Minute for Dividend Payed This Tax Year
  123. IR35 - public sector - vote Labour
  124. Agency Ineptness
  125. Broadband through the business
  126. Anyone here bought BTL inside their own company instead of accommodation?
  127. Aboard contract - bank account advise?
  128. Deliveroo claims victory in self-employment case
  129. Dividends from retained profits after loan
  130. First time contracting in France
  131. Numpty Question
  132. Pension contribution creating substantial loss - is this an issue?
  133. Divorce Solicitors that specialise in Contractors with a Ltd Company
  134. Contract wording changes
  135. Travel - 24 month rule two clients in central London
  136. Do clerical workers count when getting a business insurance?
  137. Starting my limited company
  138. Car PCP through Ltd company - bad credit rating?
  139. Registered company address and liability insurance
  140. Switching from Ltd to Umbrella
  141. temp to perm fees
  142. broken the 24month rule
  143. Self-Assessment
  144. Financial planning strategies
  145. Advise on DPA/GDPR for internal apps
  146. SIPP fees - legitimate expense?
  147. Best time to change accountant?
  148. Accountant Poor Service Threads
  149. Salary sacrifice ULEV / company car ULEV
  150. EIS relief confusion
  151. Divorce and Newly Contracting
  152. VAT
  153. Write off of hardware b4 closing Ltd
  154. Conflict with ex agency
  155. How to deal with fallacios information sent by company
  156. Advertising
  157. Inside IR35 Contract, Is it worth working through limited company
  158. Limited company and divorce
  159. Two Limited Company Questions
  160. Sole Trader under SDC and Employer NICs
  161. Accounting & Pay for 1 week in the tax year
  162. Partner running limited company and being director.
  163. Can I pay myself 500 per month salary
  164. Overseas supplier payment
  165. Ltd Company Investment Funds
  166. Philip Hammond eyes 1bn budget raid on freelancers
  167. VAT on retention?
  168. Receiving an annuity an contributing to a pension
  169. Business class to fly back early from holiday for work
  170. HMRC to stop accepting personal credit cards to pay tax from January 2018
  171. Contracting in the Netherlands - accounting / legal companies?
  172. Accommodation expenses while contracting in Italy
  173. Business Bank Account - Recommendations
  174. Depreciation of company PCs etc
  175. QDOS voucher code
  176. Not paid for final week
  177. Tax Refund
  178. End client rebranding me (and all contractors)
  179. Accountant recommendations (not big firm)
  180. Borrowing to fund pension contributions
  181. End of year accounts with new accountant
  182. Maternity Allowance/Shared Parental Leave
  183. Moving from permanent to contracting - optimum salary, PAYE etc.
  184. Purchasing hardware and claiming VAT on standard rate VAT
  185. End client gone into administration, recruiter not paying.
  186. Another 24 Month Rule Question
  187. The HMRC online test for IR35
  188. Assigned my 3rd accountant in 15 months
  189. IR35 "mirroring" contract terms
  190. How can I get a breakdown how much I will earn month / annual based on a daily rate?
  191. How can I get a loan of 100K for home improvements?
  192. Can an Agency refuse to let me opt in?
  193. DIY End of Year Accounts
  194. Recruitment Agent Insisting on Umbrella
  195. R&D Tax Credits and Relief
  196. Close Down Company
  197. Contracting in Germany - 5 Months
  198. Mortgage -joint or sole
  199. Arctic Systems - how did they get on at each level?
  200. VAT Reverse Charge on sales to EC country
  201. VAT Exemption First Year
  202. Basic Expenses question
  203. Chasing money for a contract
  204. Day Rate
  205. Short term contract in Ireland - insurance?
  206. Directors and Officers Insurance
  207. SJD Accountancy - returning to quality service standards?
  208. Dip in Level of Service from Nixon Williams
  209. Legal options for accountant missing EOY filing
  210. Redundancy
  211. How long to wait for company accounts from accountant
  212. Closing down a limited company
  213. 100% BTL Mortgage
  214. Dividend/Loan
  215. UK based contract with some work overseas - where do I go for paid-for advice?
  216. Rate comparison Public IR35 vs Private non IR35
  217. Car hire and fuel using business debit card. Tricky situation!!
  218. Leaving Flat Rate Scheme
  219. Contracting for UK org from Australia
  220. 24 Month Rule - Paying Back of Claimed Expenses
  221. No signed timesheet - no actual contract!
  222. HSBC Business Banking WTF?
  223. resigning a directorship
  224. What is A Pay Between Assignments model in accordance with Regulation 10 of the AWR?
  225. Business Saving Account & Cashplus Bank Account
  226. IR35 for IT contractors
  227. Help - travel (maximum hours) and work in one day...
  228. Pension contributions from employer
  229. Donations to charity - paying from company vs personal account
  230. NixonWilliams contact email for complaint?
  231. HMRC Online services down since yesterday
  232. Pension maxed out, where to invest surplus?
  233. Expense receipt question
  234. SA Immediate Payment Demand
  235. Tide Business Bank Account unable to accept international payments
  236. Contracting in Ireland - Where to Pay Tax in UK or Ireland or both?
  237. Crunch accounting
  238. Receipts
  239. IR35 Forum - July minutes
  240. Film Investment schemes, again.
  241. Applying for permanent residence in the UK
  242. I may have paid too much VAT, letter from HMRC
  243. Close one company and open another.
  244. Rolling director's loan with 31 day breaks in between
  245. Does a UK-issued EHIC apply abroad if working under UK limited company?
  246. I need to start a Ltd company from abroad and need accountant support - any advices?
  247. Advice on leaving 'Contractor Accounting Service'
  248. Cancelled Flat VAT registration accountant company has not raised VAT invoice on work
  249. Ex-partner wants to register his business to my UK address
  250. Portugal - Non habitual residents - remote working

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