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No To Retro Tax – Campaign Against Section 58 Finance Act 2008

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    Fantastic work. Have joined and donated. Will happily donate more when asked. I'd much rather my money went on fighting this than just handing it over.
    feels like the best way for me to stick my two fingers up at them.
    Having a good weekend already



      just spent a few hours looking at all the documents - where on earth did you get them all from - incredible!

      I doubt our mates at HMRC will be overpleased....

      Well done DR - I really appreciate what has been done here; makes me a lot more comfortable about putting fwd my argument to my MP very very soon. as mentioned by johnyguitar, I too will happily donate more if the need arises.
      Join the campaign at


        I'm in. Good job!


          Have donated and joined

          Everyone involved in this plan rocks. Feels very satisfying to be able to reach out and actually try and do something.


            Feels like the best way for me to stick my two fingers up at them.
            Having a good weekend already
            Maybe - but make no mistake - we're in this to win.

            BN66/s.58 has denied us a fair hearing.

            All we ask is that that basic right is restored.

            And we're not going to roll over.
            We’re not going to accept it.
            We're not going to be bankrupted by a few capricious tax officers who have lost their way.

            Even front line staff are ashamed at what those individuals have done.

            This is only launch day of our fight back. Our enemy has been identified and we have their measure. As WE – you and I, and everyone else who have been affected come together more information will be released.

            Until then, “we need your money”. Please join us: No To Retrospective Taxation | Campaign Against Retrospective Tax Legislation
            There's an elephant wondering around here...


              Brilliant initiative guys. I love the idea of starting to push some of this tulip back at Hector.
              PayPal transaction is failing at the mo. I'll try again later or in the morning.


                Well, I just went on twitter and tweeted to my followers a follow friday (#FF) for @no2retrotax with the website link www.notoretrotax.org.uk, plus a request that they retweet the message.

                Could I suggest that anyone with a sizeable following does the same.

                Also, MP's are addicted to Twitter. I'm sure they are constantly on their Blackberries/Iphones as a certain MP in a neighboring constituency to me sends at least 5 tweets a day. So make sure you get their attention by sending them the above twitter address and website link.

                Start using social media and lets send this thing viral!
                'Orwell's 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual'. -
                Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch.


                  Great job DR

                  Great job DR and the team.
                  have started emailing the URL.
                  have added it to my Linked-In profile.
                  will donate as soon as I do my payroll.
                  will donate more.
                  seeing my MP face-2-face next Friday. he seems supportive (Nick Gibb - used to work for KPMG)
                  HMRC should be scarred...very scared.
                  what next overturn IR35 (S58 "Retro part" confined to the history books).
                  have a great weekend everyone.


                    Have tweeted it to Jane Kennedy, see what she thinks ;-)
                    Politicians are wonderfull people, as long as they stay away from things they don't understand, like working for a living!


                      Count Me In

                      Just joined guys, what a sterling job, well done. Have a great weekend everyone.