Ive been searching the web for an answer to this query... and found this thread which is kinda in the same ball park.


Can a Company Director Claim Income Support and Working Tax Credit.

Ive looked at all the official web site... but theyre vague in this respect.

Im sure I read on the net that what Im proposing is possible and legal.

My situation is Im on unemployed but wish to form a company. I can get some work from time to time. I want to concentrate on this and build a business. I want to start a limited company to do so. But I do not think I can get enough work to cover my living costs.

going by that thread though. it seems that I could in theory incorp my company, be a director. do work when it comes in, when its quite... just lay myself off and claim JSA.

is this correct?

Id like some links or solid information/examples if possible - not just opinion or heresay. Im looking for a method to do this, cheers.

or is my idea of income support better?