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HMRC letter regarding mismatch between P45 & P14 given in self assessment

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    Originally posted by Lance View Post

    does your employer provide a P60 when you leave though?
    I know they do at year end, but if you're not with them at year end what happens then?
    Good point, maybe DT lost his job before the end of the tax year and so didn't receive one.

    In that case, as others have said, he needs to use the figures from his personal tax account
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      Originally posted by eek View Post

      What does the paye section on your hmrc personal tax account say?

      It's hard to advise beyond that as you haven't said what hmrc is expecting you to do about it..
      HMRC corrected the tax amount because of these difference in numbers and in effect updated tax to new amount. Given option to reject it, in which case I need to explain and provide supporting documents. I checked my P45 which shows the amount I put in self- assessment. Thanks


        Originally posted by cojak View Post
        I would contact the umbrella and put to them what HMRC put to you and demand an explanation of the discrepancy.

        If you don’t get an acknowledgement of the discrepancy and an explanation, I would name them on here and go after them on Twitter. Big umbrellas don’t like the paying public to realise that they’re as dodgy as feck.
        Ok. worth looking at this option , at least first part.


          Originally posted by WTFH View Post

          Which tax year are HMRC querying? >> ended in Apr 2020
          Were you with the umbrella the whole of the tax year? >> No just for 3/4 month, then umbrella was no more mandatory and took option to switch back to Ltd company contracting
          Did you have any other income that year apart from their salary? e.g. dividends, interest on savings, etc? >> Yes, but HMRC letter clearly says issues is with this Umbrella as employer and discrepancy is between my return (based in their P40) and Umbrella's P14 showing nearly double the amount.
          Did you put any transactions through your old Ltd?> Yes once out of Umbrella I gone back to Ltd company with same client
          Have you checked your tax code - both the one on your pay slips, and the one HMRC are quoting? If you switched companies and not checked, it may well be wrong.
          Have you checked your P60? > HMRC clearly says issue is with Umbrella employment ie mismatch b/n my return income (from P40) and figure from P14 of this Umbrella employment
          P45 only covers the particular employment. P14/P60 also cover other income from previous employments.>> I included other employments as well to the return, HMRC letter quote issue is when this Umbrella is employer

          Based on your history, I suspect you're not telling us the whole story, or have embellished parts of it.
          >> Nope


            Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
            You don't use the P45 for your SATR. You're supposed to use the P60 for that.

            The P45 shows what your YTD deductions were and your tax code so the new employer knows what to set up when you start work.

            The P60 gives the total of all tax and NI deductions made for a given tax year.

            It's no wonder, as you used the wrong figures from the the wrong form on your SATR, that your entries don't match with the payroll year end figures from the umbrella.

            I didn't get any P60 from this Umbrella employer!


              Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

              Good point, maybe DT lost his job before the end of the tax year and so didn't receive one.

              In that case, as others have said, he needs to use the figures from his personal tax account
              Yes I moved back to Ltd company contracting with same client as they were not more enforcing Umbrella for contractors.