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So if the onus is on the employee to inform HRMC or there are fines etc. What happen if you do not have the information. I am sure a lot of people to not keep records for 20 years! I have odd bits of paper relating to things that were possibly loans, and some I know of, but cannot find anything online relating to some of them or any idea of any figures.

Some I think were written off/ paid off over 10 years ago.
If you don't have the data or cannot get it, HMRC will make some sort of estimate.

If they do, then the emphasis is on you to show it's too high.

HMRC will have data on your scheme and in most instances there is a correlation between salary and loan payments. If they use that, it could be very persuasive to a Judge.

If you think loans have been written off you will need evidence.

If you have paid off the loans then surely you would have remembered that?