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  1. Dilemma - flat rental vs hotel
  2. Take home when earning 400/day
  3. Help! First-time UK contractor (working in UK) drawing up contract for USA client...
  4. Delay in renewal contract
  5. Winding up
  6. Can't get mortgage after contract break
  7. 24 month rule with company paying for fuel
  8. Physio Expenses - claimable?
  9. Moving projects within same consultancy
  10. Freelance work whilst contracting
  11. Change of Discipline
  12. Leaving a Contract Early, Anything I need to be Aware Of?
  13. NDA questions
  14. How to Respond when asked for Current / Previous Rate
  15. Doing non IT work inbetween IT contracts
  16. Refused DV - can I apply for a SC later?
  17. How to decide whether to switch to permie?
  18. Contract Advice
  19. torn between two agents
  20. Trump H-1B visa changes- will they now flood the UK contract market?
  21. I resigned, but been given an offer (IR35)
  22. Investing company money
  23. Quotation less than final Invoice
  24. DWP / Capita Contract: IR35 consideration
  25. Calculating day/monthly rate back from salary?
  26. PI conditions
  27. Example ratecard
  28. invoicing client direct
  29. Pre-Contract screening asking about investigations by government agencies
  30. Cloud AZURE and AWS contract roles
  31. An old client has an emergency and you save them, what would you charge?
  32. Updating software skills
  33. contract length
  34. Choose best health insurance for contractor
  35. Any negative consequences of permanently leaving the UK (for tax purposes)?
  36. Applying for A1 Cerificate for project in Norway
  37. ever lost a contract after negotiation started
  38. Status Bonus
  39. Business Phone / Internet
  40. Bank Holidays
  41. Discipline
  42. New Contract Whilst Renewal Available
  43. Infrastructure Guys - What`s actually hot right now?
  44. Clarification
  45. Informal Contract Approach
  46. Project Deliverables - having a copy
  47. Flexible Working Negotiations
  48. New Contract gone wrong
  49. Comatch
  50. Finding my feet after a long stint with work
  51. Not been paid...
  52. Found - recruitment app
  53. Critical Illness and life cover
  54. And another one...
  55. Best CV database discussion on LinkedIn...
  56. Contracting straight out of uni. Is it doable? v2
  57. First time contractor for a private sector company. Should I be worried about IR35?
  58. Bogus IR35 email from Ammonite Group
  59. Would You take a gig that's 20% less than your usual day rate to avoid the bench?
  60. Perm position- negotiate down the notice period
  61. Direct with a Startup: SDC
  62. Switching client, but retaining same end customer
  63. PSC via an Umbrella when have been working as Limited Company?
  64. Contract to permie Salary Worth it ????
  65. Pre-employment screening and MVL question - help
  66. Different rate discussed in the interview
  67. Declining a contract offer after signing
  68. Project Management - Certification.
  69. Accenture - working for?
  70. Client Terminating My Contract Early With No Valid Reason
  71. SC Security Questionaire, few questions
  72. Contractor or Perm?
  73. Going back to contracting?
  74. Asked to train another contractor
  75. First contract advise & guidance
  76. Anyone been to Copenhagen?
  77. Anticipated End Date
  78. First time spotted this...
  79. Elevate Direct / Pontoon
  80. Contract Rate
  81. New contract to be awarded. Agency dont play ball
  82. Webinar: Advanced CV Strategies for the 2017 market
  83. Weeks worked per year
  84. Delayed start date and
  85. Income protection Insurance for contractors
  86. Fluxible?
  87. Moving into DevOps - have you done it?
  88. First contractor gig, £25000/annual, advice?
  89. Probject canned and MOO?
  90. Negotiating with agents
  91. What is the best way to find out my chargeable day rate?
  92. To renew or not to renew
  93. Escape agency contract for new contract with same Client
  94. The Treasury drops NICs increase for self-employed in major U-turn
  95. Why do recruiters want your CV even when you've said you're not available?
  96. Is there such a thing as an honest recruitment agency?
  97. SDM Roles?
  98. First time contractor.. where did all the jobs go?
  99. Who is my end client?
  100. Moving/Doing Up Home Office, Expenses Questions
  101. Car leasing wear and tear prices
  102. Client ask for sensitive information prior to interview stage. Normal?
  103. Recommended Agencies for Contracts outside UK
  104. Microsoft Partner
  105. Just seen this.
  106. Security Clearance
  107. fake contractor news
  108. QDOS have suspended their 24 contract review turnaround
  109. Client using your CV to win work
  110. A new trend, or a special case?
  111. Newbie struggling to find next gig
  112. Foreign Tax Releif
  113. contract prolonging tacticts
  114. BLUESTONE RESOURCING - anyone used them
  115. Luck Run Out?
  116. "Could you take a quick look at this?" aka DAC during contracts
  117. Next ventures -worked for them ?
  118. BPSS sponsor needed?
  119. Turning up to an Interview on a Motorcycle
  120. Client Honesty
  121. Private Sector Contractor working for a public sector body
  122. On the Bench!!
  123. Contract IR35 Review
  124. SC question cautions
  125. Contracting in Sydney
  126. Non solicitation clause in contract
  127. Contracting offer to move to Luxembourg. How to approach business side ?
  128. So what constitutes a legally binding outside IR35 notification?
  129. alot of 6 month contracts about?
  130. Hayes email about PSC private sector scheme
  131. Der Lebenslauf
  132. Do I leave a failing project?
  133. Nigel Frank International
  134. Day rate for senior network architect in Germany
  135. Contract changes by the agency without notice and agreement
  136. DevOps
  137. Why do you want to become an I.T. contractor? What are your hopes?
  138. Checking account advice
  139. New to contracting, please help
  140. Quit in the probation period to go back to contracting
  141. Big agencies with no clue re IR35
  142. Limited Company Contracting UK to AU, but working in Africa
  143. Going back to perm- IR35
  144. IR35 for Ltd company with 2 shareholders
  145. Extending beyond 24 months
  146. Interview Feedback Delay
  147. SC Clearance Agencies
  148. Contractor to Permie
  149. Past agency requesting NI number and DOB for HMRC records
  150. 3rd Party Code Review / Attestation
  151. Contracting / Employment for Canadian company without UK presence
  152. agency vetting
  153. What is your #1 challenge preventing you from doing contract work in UK right now?
  154. Agency in administration - Coal IT
  155. Travel question
  156. Filling the Confirmation Statement and understanding of its wording
  157. Contract hunt advice
  158. Changes in Flat Rate Tax Scheme 1/4/17
  159. Post-termination clauses enforceable?
  160. Maximum allowed working days
  161. DSTL
  162. Interesting chat with agent...
  163. LinkedInís new platform - Webinar - March 1st 2017
  164. Contract extension not signed
  165. Legal Sector Contracts
  166. technical background / previous devs
  167. Hired.com and other simular new pseudo-direct business models
  168. Considering contract for place where I was employed 11 months ago - IR35 implications
  169. Question
  170. Hydrogen
  171. A bit of work for a company in the Cayman Islands
  172. Security for a Startup?
  173. IR35 for a new limited company
  174. Private Sector Contract to 6 Month FTC
  175. Increased notice period?
  176. Abbey WILL (possibly) cover for retrospective PS IR35 claims
  177. Doing business in USA, explaining it Americans.
  178. Contract with HPE through a German Recruitment Agency
  179. Couple of contracting questions...
  180. Anybody else just sick of contracting?
  181. Abbey Tax - Survive IR35 or whatever its called - and PS
  182. North West Contractor Scene
  183. Is it bad not to have a signed/countersigned copy of a contract?
  184. Secondary Contract Needed
  185. Agency not reissuing a new contract
  186. LA International
  187. Timesheet required for non working period
  188. Local UK contract through an overseas agency - anything to worry about?
  189. How to structure and run a new consultancy?
  190. Appropriate reporting clause
  191. Substitution contract clause - financially liable
  192. visa sponsership company in Europe
  193. How soon after invoice due date to remind the client
  194. Going permie with client co
  195. Watch out for Elevate Direct CV parser and viewer
  196. Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert- is it worth it?
  197. Going direct from a subcontract
  198. Geneva tax 40 percent ?
  199. Heavy Plant Driver Insurance?
  200. Working at risk
  201. Public vs. Private sector contractors
  202. Right of Substitution in European contacts
  203. Info / moving
  204. Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacker demand
  205. Contract in Luxembourg
  206. Contract options for consultancy work
  207. Contracting in Dubai
  208. Time in Lieu or payment
  209. (yet another thread about) Back to perm offer
  210. London market - dead? Overcrowded?
  211. Will I be marketable with these skills in London?
  212. Advice appreciated
  213. Anyone regret going back to permie?
  214. Supplying resource
  215. Finish before Easter or extend to mid July - WWYD
  216. Crunch time. Advice needed.
  217. Do agents prefer 1 page CVs?
  218. 3rd party offering to hire and sponsor foreign workers I need?
  219. Noteworthy conferences 2017 for devs (Europe)?
  220. Market downturn
  221. Contractor becoming employer
  222. Finding it tough getting any client to bite (New to Contracting 9 years as a permi)
  223. Walked out of a contract 1 wage witheld
  224. Contract with HMRC
  225. Contracting in USA and Canada ?
  226. Lloyds Bank Group - permanent
  227. Working For StartUps
  228. Working away from home using Motorhome
  229. CV sent to client with 2 agents
  230. Contracting in Australia
  231. Newbie - First Contract Questions and concerns
  232. Contract Start Dates... Client unable to meet it
  233. The rule about offer and acceptance concerning offers of work
  234. Going from perm to contract in same company?
  235. Interest to get in touch with contractor project managers into building&construction
  236. client asking me not to work, even though I have a signed contract
  237. Maximum contract retention rate for Norway
  238. Contracting in Europe - is it worth it?
  239. UI Dev vs Other Dev Work
  240. Advice on leaving
  241. speak up and leave or sit here and keep invoicing
  242. doing my first contract next week
  243. 3 day car hire confusion
  244. Trouble already - first contract.
  245. Security Check (SC) Help!
  246. New to Contracting - Did I jump in too soon?
  247. Ending a contract early
  248. No termination notice terms for me
  249. What's the Longest Daily Commute You'd Be Prepared to Drive?
  250. Good/Bad Experiences with Reed Global?

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