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  1. Pemie role - jump ship before 5th April
  2. Working in the public sector? An FAQ about IR35
  3. Starting contract after 6th April
  4. Healthcare locum
  5. Eek's we're all doomed theory
  6. As you sow, so shall you reap
  7. Are they PS?
  8. A quote from way back
  9. what if I don't get a determination?
  10. checking understanding
  11. Any independent social workers out there? Help re tax and options.
  12. When the client scews the result to put you inside IR35
  13. Is an ABS subject to FOI access requests?
  14. jump ship to umbrella company
  15. Poll: PSC contractors - Has your contract been deemed inside or outside Ir35?
  16. becoming law?
  17. How work out the equivalent rate for inside IR35?
  18. Public sector IR35- move to fixed term contract? Advice required urgently kind people
  19. Any point to IR35 Insurance if deemed Outside by end-client
  20. IR35 - the "new" legislation - due to be published today? Impact on tool?
  21. Same PS, different contract type?
  22. Opt-in or out for and outside IR35 contract
  23. Decision to make, permie or leave public and go private
  24. Blanket decisions of inside IR35
  25. Outside-IR35 Statement of Deliverables
  26. Outside IR35 PS contract
  27. HMRC decision tool: doubts about the selected answers, results, implications, ...
  28. IR35 assessment by MOD on me- materials as a consultant
  29. IR35 Insurance and Working through Umbrella
  30. HMRC status tool
  31. Things to do in case you end up in an inside IR35 contract
  32. New role declared inside
  33. Can we start a list of PS orgs and their status?
  34. New Contract with PS
  35. Executive Pension Plans
  36. Working through supplier to a public service/fix term contract
  37. Liability in case of wrong IR35 determinaton
  38. Set-piece example of outside IR35
  39. Invoicing Agency POST Inside IR35 via Limited Company
  40. Continue with working through Limited Company inside ir35
  41. Best Option for 1 day/week public sector contract
  42. Payrolling through agency as sole trader for public sector company
  43. Question about subcontracting as a public sector contractor under new rules
  44. Forced to use umbrella??
  45. Is this true?
  46. Here we go...
  47. A way out of IR35?
  48. Finishing 31st March, do I need an IR35 determination?
  49. Appeal Process
  50. Public Sector body change of role and new contract..
  51. John McDonnell pot calling kettle black self employed NI increase
  52. SIPP pensions & IR35 changes for public sector Ltd co. Contractors
  53. So ... when will we know??
  54. New ruler and PSC
  55. "HMRC will stand by the result given"
  56. Expenses in the Public Sector - mentioned in HMRC doc just published after the Budget
  57. IR35 - Agency Calculation of Day Rate when moving to PAYE
  58. SThree have launched their IR35 product
  59. Agency requiring use of the Number Mill prior to April for PS Client
  60. Gcloud has re-opened
  61. Will it work itself out in the end?
  62. ROS questions changed in ESS Tool
  63. Locum doctors
  64. It's Not Fine -- Specific Flaws With the New IR35 Tool
  65. Agency nurse
  66. Maybe being paranoid - does Beta mean legally binding? ie is this it?
  67. Guidance for Public Authorities makes for interesting reading!
  68. Its fine roll it out to the private sector.
  69. Free Webinar on changes to public sector IR35 rules
  70. Statement of work - outcome based contract, outside of IR35?
  71. What are the risks if an agency "amends" the IR35 status
  72. Email from NHS Improvement
  73. PS Bodies unite to try to shelve IR35 plans
  74. Agency Advice
  75. Fake substitution?
  76. NHS - no more outside IR35
  77. Intermediaries Legislation - Payment dates
  78. Agent sent me an NHS role today....
  79. IR35 Implications from April - Converting to work thru Umbrella company
  80. One option to continue working in the PS, retain ltd status & work outside IR35
  81. Guardian News Article
  82. The Decision Tool :)
  83. IR35 in PS gets reported in the media...
  84. Unite demands government outlaws umbrella companies
  85. Private client, public funded?
  86. Agency up front about IR35 status
  87. Working for Private Company via an Agency who provide services to Public Sector
  88. Reed deducting Apprentiship Levy?!
  89. Capita/NWR Projects
  90. Expenses
  91. private for public?
  92. an IR35 example for discussion
  93. Agent - "It's that simple"
  94. Another one bites the dust (NHS IT Project)
  95. Beta ESS
  96. Payments due after 6th April for contracts that terminate before
  97. IR35 reforms - definition of Public Sector?
  98. Simple fix for IR35 PS Problem
  99. Confirmation of Arrangements document
  100. New Public sector contractor - Help!
  101. A few Questions.
  102. Considering a new public sector role.
  103. Finance Bill: relationship with end-client
  104. Finance Bill 2017: substitution
  105. Yasmin analysis
  106. Public sector role enquiries
  107. when is a public company not a public company Private/Public parnerships
  108. Umbrella Contract Pension Salary Sacrifice
  109. Another IR35 Public sector question
  110. How will this work in practice?
  111. 24th Feb deadline for handing in your notice
  112. Public sector renewal
  113. Update
  114. Speculation on Brexit delaying intermediaries?
  115. MoD
  116. Buying days in advance
  117. Potential public sector contractor at renewal time
  118. Public Sector or Not?
  119. IPSE have sent an email out
  120. Public Sector IR35 Petition
  121. Article on El Reg regarding PS IR35
  122. IR35 PS - So anyone had the discussion yet?
  123. TFL communication re IR35
  124. Public sector via consultancy - interesting comment by Bauer and Cottrel
  125. What's changed - FAQ
  126. Your future lies with...
  127. Public Sector IR35 LinkedIn Group
  128. PS & IR35: Choosing a legitimate Umbrella
  129. Two Person Ltd - one half mainly focused on public sector - one not
  130. How do you know if your contract is public sector
  131. Results of the public sector consultation is up
  132. Staying in the same public sector contract after April 2017

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